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International Internship Ceremony, "Leave the harbor, dream and discover"
International Internship Ceremony, "Leave the harbor, dream and discover" KUBS (Dean = Jae Wook Kim) 2018 Winter International Internship Ceremony was held on December 21 (Fri) in HM B306. In this winter vacation, total 10 students are flying out to enjoy valuable opportunity to work abroad in △PT KBC International △Phoenix Business Computing △Sally H. Kim& Associates △New Millennium Bank △Shanghai YIQU △Dae-Sang Food Co., Ltd etc). In today's meeting, students were educated about work place etiquette, appropriate attitude to make sure our students to perfectly blend in and create synergy in each company which they are going to work.   In the ceremony, Changhwa Chung Vice President of KUBS said, that he wishes students to enjoy the experience of leaving the harbor that they are accustomed to, and enjoy dreaming and discovering the new world. Further he continued that students should have the sense of duty because they are being sent as a representative of KUBS, thus try their best to work hard and play hard as well.   Gender equality education was also held in this ceremony under the topic of 'Sexual Harrassment during the internship'. Jung min Noh, chief of Korea University Gender Equality Center, said that there are many cases when students being harmed sexually in the region but can't reach out for help due to the embarrassment of how others will think about. Thus, the thing important is the role of people around, they should help and give out a hand for the victims. There exists an prejudice that victim is the one who provided the reason for the crime and thus they cannot announce unfair events happened to them. Therefore, if students notice school when unfair events happen, school will do its best to help them. KUBS is providing International Internship Program since year 1994, which was first in Korea. KUBS students work in various companies all over the world and can gain wider sight and knowledge for the global stage. KUBS International Internship program is a specialized Industry-University collaboration program, in which selected students can experience global business in the real working field. Since the commencement, total 1950 students participated in this program.
Dec 28, 2019
2019 KUBS MBA Admissions Open
2019 KUBS MBA Admissions Open        Korea University Business School (Dean=Professor Soo Young Kwon) is now accepting applications for 2019 MBA admissions. Admissions are open for 3 MBA programs: △Global MBA/Global MIM △S³ Asia MBA.   Global MBA has three application rounds, and Global MIM has two application rounds. Global MBA and Global MIM are programs which equip students to academic and professional skills through a variety of global experiences. If candidates participate in programs at partner schools across the world, they are eligible for the award of degrees from both institutions.    S3 Asia MBA is an Asia-specialized MBA program and has only one application round. Candidates can study at 3 universities in 3 different countries in Asia — Korea University, Fudan University, and National University of Singapore (NUS). Candidates are eligible to graduate with 2 degrees, one from KUBS and the other from either Fudan University or NUS.   Both Global MBA and Global MIM will begin the application of the 1st round starting from the entrance information session which is  held on January 3 (Thu) 2019. The deadline for online application of the 1st round is  January 13 (Sun) 2019 17:00 and submission documents should be accepted the day after (January 14 (Mon) 17:00). The result will be notified on January 18 (Fri) 15:00 and shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on January 26 (Sat), then the final outcome will be released on February 1 (Fri) 15:00. The 2nd round of Global MBA and Global MIM's entrance information session is held on February 20 (Wed) 2019 19:00. Online application will be available until March 29 (Fri) 17:00 and documents can be submitted until April 2 (Tue) 17:00. Results of the 2nd round will be released on April 5 (Fri) 15:00 and shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on April 13(Sat), then the final outcome will be released on April 23 (Tue) 15:00. The 3rd round is conducted in Global MBA and S³ Asia MBA programs. The entrance information session will be held twice: March 9 (Sat) 2019 14:00(1st) & April 3(Wed) 2019 19:30(2nd) and will convey detailed information about  Global MBA/S³ Asia MBA program. Online applications of the 3rd round are due until April 26 (Fri) 17:00, submission documents are accepted until April 30 (Tue) 17:00. The result will be announced on May 10 (Fri) 15:00 and interviews for shortlisted applicants will be conducted on May 18 (Sat). The final outcome of Global MBA/S³ Asia MBA 3rd round will be released on May 29 (Wed) 15:00. Applications for the 2019 MBA programs can be made online via (https://bizapply.korea.ac.kr). Please contact the Department Office (02-3290-5365) for further information. ※The schedule in the attached file may change depending on the situation.  
Apr 26, 2019
2019 Graduate School Orientation, New start line for talents who will lead the future Business Administrationㅎ
2019 Graduate School Orientation, New start line for talents who will lead the future Business Administration     2019 Korea University Graduate School (Dean=Professor Jae Wook Kim) Business School and International Business School Summer Semester Freshman Orientation was held at LG-POSCO Building #432 on February 19th 14:00 p.m. Freshmen who participated the orientation was able to listen to the curriculum, course registration, education management, scholarship program etc. and prepared for a new beginning of their graduate school life with joy.   Associate Dean Professor Baeho Kim delivered his greeting by saying “Please do not hesitate to contact myself when you have any inquiries or difficulties throughout your graduate school life”. He also added “You may not know what you do not know at this point, but today I hope everyone gets to know the person to look for in case you need assistance”. Professor Kim said, “You can count on KUBS, a university that has a long history and has produced numerous outstanding seniors”. Following this were guidance regarding △Education △Scholarship and Research Fee △Sudang Digital Library and △Graduate School Student Council. A Detailed guide of each specific major △Management △Accounting △Finance △Markeing △LSOM △MIS △International Business were also provided after the orientation.
Feb 21, 2019
Emeritus professor Yoondae Eu receives ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’
 Emeritus professor Yoondae Eu receives ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’    KUBS emeritus professor Yoondae Eu received ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ at the 24th Korean Academic Society of Business Administration (hereinbelow KASBA) Winter Regular General Assembly on February 19th (Tue). KASBA has been awarding the ‘Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ to inspire desire of research for business researchers and devote to the development of business administration in Korea since 1995. KASBA only awards one person after a strict judgment upon academic, education, social contribution, association activities etc. Professor Eu said, “I will think of the award as a compensation for my 30years of effort” and added that “I will continually support my fellow business researchers who are studying in the same field”.   Professor Eu was born in Jinhae, Kyungnam province and received a doctor’s degree at Graduate School of University of Michigan after graduating Kyunggi High School and KUBS. After this, He strived to nurture his students as a Business School professor. During his presidential term of Korea University from 2003 to 2006, he allowed 40% of the buildings on campus to be built and raised development fund of ·3.5 billion won. During the last government, professor Eu also held various positions such as Vice Chairman of the President Advisory National Economic Advisory Council, Chairman of FTA Promotion and Policy Adjustment Authority, and Chairman of National Brand Committee.  
Feb 20, 2019
Interview with the executive branch ‘Blossom’ of ‘KUBS Ladies’, the Business School Female Alumni Association
Interview with the executive branch ‘Blossom’ of ‘KUBS Ladies’ the Business School Female Alumni Association   ▲ From the left: Hyewon Kim (Business School 16) New Student Representative, Namkyung Lee (Business School 16) Current Student Representative Q. Please introduce KUBS Ladies and the Blossom team.  KUBS Ladies is the Business School Female Alumni Association. Different from other alumni associations, the executive branch for enrolled students exists and has the role of making connections between alumni and enrolled students. The executive branch for enrolled students of KUBS Ladies got its name ‘Blossom’ in 2016 to ‘bloom’ the network between enrolled students and alumni.  Q. What kind of pivotal roles does Blossom have as the executive branch of KUBS Ladies? Our main job is to link enrolled students and alumni. We started to plan offline events by creating high-quality images and reducing a sense of distance at the same time. Some major events are: the Dream Concert, Beginning Semester’s Event, and ‘Good Evening’ mentoring program that connects female alumni and female enrolled students. In addition, another important role of Blossom is updating the contact information of our female alumni. We are also trying hard to stabilize our management by administering donations every year. Q. How does the Blossom team and KUBS Ladies view female alumni and fellow students of the Business School? We believe they have ‘soft charisma’. Previously, we have discussed about ‘the image of KUBS female alumni’ with the former Associate dean. We concluded that KUBS female alumni have both the charisma that KUBS has and the softness which is differentiated from the leadership of men. Another characteristic of KUBS female alumni could be a progressive spirit of challenging without fear. Q. Are there any difficulties when acting as the Blossom team? Since the number of people in our team is small and most of the programs are run on an annual basis, members of the executive branch work for one and a half year to two years to smoothen transition of events. 2 out of 4 years in the university life is quite long. Programs such as business conferences, the exchange student program, and internship are generalized due to the characteristic of the Business School, but there are some cases where students must give up these programs because it is difficult to run parallel with ‘Blossom’ activities. Therefore, we are trying to find a way to allow members of the executive branch to be involved in more healthy activities that are worthwhile. Q. Please tell us about your aspirations (to New Student Representative). Ultimately, I believe the key goal is to achieve an ‘expansion of network’. Facing its 6th anniversary, ‘Blossom’ seems to be in a transition period. If ‘Blossom’ can regularly contact our alumni by mailing them based on the updated list of alumni, then we will be able to strengthen their sense of belonging to more alumni.  If the network can be extended, the quality of networking can be developed even more. For example, if Blossom can act as a passage that delivers helpful employment information such as informal internship notices from companies that our alumni work in, then we believe both the alumni and students will be more interested in KUBS Ladies. Q. Does the current student representative have any words of request to the new representative? I indeed had good experiences for two years that would not have been possible without Blossom. However, there will be hard times. Blossom is in a transition period. It has just been established, and donations are not stable which makes managing the organization a hard task. Nevertheless, I would like to say never give up. I believe the true meaning of this organization exists when the goal of networking among female alumni is continually found. I hope KUBS Ladies and Blossom set an example for a strong sense of belonging and network to female alumni for one year.  Q. Do you have any words to female alumni and students of KUBS? I have met many alumni while acting as a member of Blossom. I could feel their true heart towards the school and our alumni. Whenever we contacted them to update the alumni list or ask them to participate in events, we were happily welcomed. It was very helpful when we heard ‘If you need help, contact us anytime’. We would really like to thank seniors who are willing to materially and emotionally support us with their love towards the school and juniors, and we will also try to become one of them after graduating KUBS. Moreover, we would like to ask more participation and attention from enrolled students. Blossom has many events provided for them. They have good quality and we are putting the best of our effort to prepare for them. A lot of opportunities are provided by our outstanding guest speakers, so we recommend that many students participate in these events and receive beneficial information.
Dec 18, 2018
[DONG-A ILBO] “Korea MBA, the true course of becoming an expert”
※ You can click on the title to look at the original article. “Korea MBA, the true course of becoming an expert”   Interview with alumni Hanjun Lee of Korea University ‘Korea MBA course’ Mr. Hanjun Lee (Classs of 2018) is currently working in Amway Korea. After entering Amway Korea in 2011, he is currently in charge of the APAC (Asia Pacific) area Amway Business Center Operation in the Amway Business & Brand Center Operation Team of the head office. We were able to hear about the Korea MBA from him.   What made you decide to enter the MBA course? I decided to enter the MBA course because I thought it will be important to improve my competence as a manager in Amway Korea and to become an expert.   First, I wanted to organize my knowledge gained through 8 years of working experience at the company and receive a more systematic education to utilize those experiences. I also wanted to gain knowledge regarding a more efficient method of managing data and be familiar with realistic cases where unpredictable incidents happen in the front line of the management. Secondly, I wanted to have experience about decision making as a manager in advance. Especially, I have experienced how much Manager & Supervisor decisions influenced sales in business. Lastly, I wanted to understand the overall trend by apprehending the management of other companies. By understanding the general trend of the market and acquiring information about various fields, I wanted to become an expert with a broader perspective.   The reason why I chose Korea University is because I wanted to enter the ‘best MBA’. Above all, Korea University’s MBA is Korea’s top-notch MBA that ranked as No.1 for six consecutive years at the MBA evaluation by 300 human resource directors of conglomerates. I had to study business administration at Korea since I graduated University of Oregon in the United States and didn’t hesitate to enter the course by getting to know important information about K-MBA with the help of my wife.   What curriculum helped you the most during the Korea MBA course? Professor Hojung Shin’s ‘Principles of OM’ helped the most during the course. There was a synergy effect of an improved working efficiency by making a connection between experienced gained from the actual work and expertise learned during class. Also, professor Soongsoo Han’s ‘Financial Accounting’ substantially improved my lack of financial knowledge.   What are some things that can be earned other than the regular curriculum of the MBA course? I can speak with confidence that it is ‘human networking’. I believe the human networking of K-MBA is better than any other school. The fact that there are sports clubs such as the golf club (K-ONE) and the tennis club allows me to gain a lot of energy because I am a person that loves sports. Also, I am also participating in an investment club KMIU (Korea MBA Investor Union) which is not a formal club yet but is aiming to become one next year.   Do you have any advice for people who are interested in entering MBA? I really want to say challenge it. I also remember the days being concerned and discussing whether to do so with my wife and fellow workers because it is not easy to keep up with your office work and studies at the same time. K-MBA has become an energizer for my life and gave the pleasure of meeting new people and the joy of learning.
Nov 19, 2018
[GMBA Career Story] “G-MBA Program’s Wealth of Practical Knowledge Has Been a Great Asset for Me” (Sang-Bae Lee, GMBA 12TH)
[GMBA Career Story] “G-MBA Program’s Wealth of Practical Knowledge Has Been a Great Asset for Me” (Sang-Bae Lee, GMBA 12TH)   Sang-Bae Lee, G-MBA 12th, PwC Korea   1. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I am Sang-Bae Lee, who have graduated from Global MBA (G-MBA) program at Korea University in August 2018. I spent a year as a member of the student council during the program. I am currently working in the M&A Advisory department at Samil PwC Korea. 2. What did you do before you got into MBA program? I went to Canada in the first year of junior high school and graduated from high school and university in the United States. At Boston University, I majored in International Relations and minored in Business Administration. During my studies at Boston University, I got involved with many clubs, organizations, and activities and even founded the first Korean Start-up club called (B.U.K.E). Before returning to school after discharge from the army, I participated in a consulting project for small businesses overseas expansion and learned in strategy consulting. Also, I gained smart building related knowledge and experience while working at a company in which the graduate school classmate started.   3. Why did you choose Global MBA at Korea University? Since my major is international relations and minor is business administration, I thought to myself that I relatively lacked business related knowledge than business majors. My interest in domestic business consulting and start-up business led me to go to MBA in order to deepen my practical knowledge of business management. Furthermore, one of the reasons I chose the G-MBA is the English language curriculum which is familiar to me. I think it is a great advantage for me to be able to cultivate global capabilities by interacting with foreign friends with various background due to the nature of CEMS program. 4. Please tell us the curriculum of the Global MBA that contributes the best to your current career The M&A Advisory department where I am currently working offers strategic financial advisory services for clients for both domestic and international mergers and acquisitions. The impact of the corporate strategy class taught by professor Jungbien Moon was significant in applying for M&A advisory, which is a little different from the strategy consulting I had experienced in the past. The impact of the Corporate Strategy class led by Professor Jungbien Moon was significant in supporting M & A advisory, which is a little different from the strategy consulting I had experienced in the past. Previously, I did not know much about M&A. However, I learned a lot about it while analyzing various management cases in class and carrying out various team projects. As a result, I became more interested in M&A consulting and I applied for Samil PwC Korea. Since I did have a relatively lack of knowledge about accounting and finance, accounting class from Professor Yong Keun Yoo and Professor Seung-Weon Yoo and finance class from Professor Chung, Ji-Woong were very helpful. The courses related to IT industry taught by Professor Se-Joon Hong and Professor Dongwon Lee, was also fascinating to me because I was interested in IT industry. I think that G-MBA classes that cover a wide range of fields have helped me to lead me where I am and who I am now. 5. What is the most helpful coaching you did get from Career Hub? As a previous member of the student council who was responsible for the communication between Career Hub and G-MBA students, the Career Hub was a big part of my graduate school life. Getting counseling from Career Hub allowed me to gain more information about the recruitment and introduced me MBA graduates who are currently working at certain companies. Thanks to the Career Hub, I was able to increase my understanding of the overall recruiting process and the companies. In particular, I could create much cleaner and eye-catching English and Korean resume through resume review program, called Resume Clinic Program. 6. Is there something you personally did to improve your career development while going to Global MBA? First of all, I made great efforts to build good credits. Often there are misconceptions among students that companies do not pay much attention to MBA credits. However, if you consider the fact that the level of highest qualification and its credits are the first things to be exposed on the resume, I think it is highly important to take care of your credits. I also read the Korean editorials issued by each newspaper every day because I could easily get a misunderstanding that I lacked the capability to fully comprehend and write the Korean report since I have been studying abroad for a long time. Those efforts are very helpful when I write and understand the industry analysis report at my current work. 7.  Please provide advice for job seekers, as well college juniors seeking to pursue a career path in M&A Advisory I think that M&A Consulting is a broad field. Since you do not know which companies would ask for an advice, you must always be alert to current trends in various industries. I highly recommend reading newspaper articles and editorials on a daily basis in order to be able to identify current trends. In addition, you will have a heavy workload with papers. It would be great for you to get a certificate of MS Office to get yourself familiarized with the program and increase proficiency if you have time on your side. Most importantly, I suggest you think thoroughly about what you really want to do first and then prepare yourself to get the job. I can confidently say that you can make it with the help from Career Hub.    
Nov 06, 2018
[Interview with Professor Hye-yeon Park of her appointment as professor in a university in UK] “I steadily improved my competence of research and lecturing with the support of KUBS”
[Interview with Professor Hye-yeon Park of her appointment as professor in a university in UK] “I steadily improved my competence of research and lecturing with the support of KUBS” Alumni Hyeyeon Park (Major in International Business, Class of 2011) / Appointed as full-time professor at University of Surrey in UK     Q. Please briefly introduce yourself Good afternoon. I am Hyeyeon Park (Class of 2011) and have graduated Korea University MBA Division of International Business last February of 2018. As of February next year, I have been appointed as a full-time professor at University of Surrey. Q. How did you prepare your doctoral thesis and appointment during the doctorate course? During my doctorate course, my first thesis in collaboration with professor Chris Changwha Chung was luckily published in the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), the TOP Journal in the International Business branch. I was able to start my graduation thesis relatively earlier from this achievement. I also had the opportunity to prepare for my research portfolio by working on other thesis along with my graduation thesis. In case of the preparation for my appointment, I began my preparation in earnest after I got my doctor’s degree. I was able to gain a lot of opportunities to have interviews with various universities around the world through an eminent business conference - Academy of Management (AoM) Placement Service which is held every summer. After going through the final Job Talk, I finally decided which university to go to.  Q. What are some aspects that you think positively influenced your appointment? I believe the full-support from professors of International Business and KUBS with unstinting advice from my academic adviser allowed me to improve my competence of research and lecturing during my doctorate course. KUBS actively recommends students to participate in both Korean and overseas business conferences and supports research fellowship in many ways. As a result, I was able to receive an award for excellent research taking the presentation of my thesis in both Korean and overseas business conferences as this opportunity. Also, this allowed me to continually improve my research abilities by submitting to overseas journals. Moreover, the opportunity to improve my lecturing skills by teaching outstanding students really helped a lot. By regularly giving English lectures to students from different countries, I strived to come up with an effective teaching method. This led to receiving the award of excellent lecture and verifying my communication capabilities which as a result brought positive consequences. Q. Do you have any concerns about living abroad? I am rather thrilled than being worried since I studied my master’s course at UK. I am looking forward to having some time to broaden my field of vision as well as concentrating on my research, by starting my teaching life at UK where the burden of lecturing is relatively less than other places. Q. What are some future research plans? It is important to change the field of business of subsidiaries to achieve continuous growth in the recent rapidly-changing market. However, the reality is that many multinational corporations became to large and it is hard to bring about change by making decisions at the head office level. Therefore, I am planning to research the development regarding the field of business and improvement of performance in subsidiaries at the level of multinational firm network, as well as the method of learning by subsidiaries. Q. Do you have any advice for future global savants? If you are serious about your research and you have intellectual curiosity towards it, I recommend challenging it with hope and patience. Especially, I would like to stress the importance of regularly finding your own area of interest and preparing your research portfolio during the master’s and doctorate program, if you are interested in a foreign university. By actively participating in business conferences and submitting to overseas journals to constantly achieve your goals, you will be able to become a researcher with international competitiveness. I am looking forward to meeting more seniors and protégé in different places across the world in the future.  
Nov 05, 2018
[Interview with Professor Dawoon Jung of her appointment as professor in a university in China] “I will try to accomplish visions for each phase of the doctorate course.”
[Interview with Professor Dawoon Jung of her appointment as professor in a university in China] "I will try to accomplish visions for each phase of the doctorate course" Alumni Dawoon Jung (Major in LSOM, Class of 2011) / Appointed as assistant professor at Soochow University of China     Q. Please breifly introduce yourself. Good afternoon. I am Dawoon Jung (Class of 2011) and I have graduated Korea University MBA Division of LSOM last February. As of September 1 this year, I have been appointed as an assistant professor at Soochow University (蘇州大學). Q. How did you prepare your doctoral thesis and appointment during the doctorate course? Professor Myung Sub Park, my academic adviser, stressed the importance of preparing the thesis earlier on. Any graduate student who wants to stay in the academia will steadily prepare for their theses, so I was not an exception. Also, professor Byung Cho Kim gave a lot of motivation. He showed visions for each phase of the doctorate course. I participated in the class of preparation for foreign Business School studies made by professor Kim, and could receive a lot of support from both Korean and foreign professors by meeting them and identifying their vision. Q. What are some aspects that you think positively influenced your appointment? My broad-minded personality rather helped me a lot. I spent about 6 and a half years of time to graduate the combined  master 's  and   doctorate   program after my entrance to the graduate school, and had both good days and bad ones. I think I was able to silently deal with any difficulties by thinking generously of them. Also, I received a lot of support from professors whenever I fell behind. They led me proficiently, and I also tried hard to meet their expectations which brought good results. Q. Do you have any concerns about livng abroad? As mentioned previously, I don’t have major concerns about living abroad since I am a broad-minded person. Hence, I didn’t hesitate when applying for the appointment at a foreign university. Unlike most universities in Korea, foreign universities accept applications of professor appointment even for predeterminate degree recipients which gave a lucky opportunity to me. Q. What are some future research plans? My major is Operations Management. I am currently interested in the issue of decision making by firms after the fourth Industrial Revolution. In other words, I am focusing on the industrial trend in a changing environment of traditional competitive compositions. For now, it is hard to come with an answer regarding what business model a firm has, or who are some possible competitors. Depending on the vision of looking at the issue and situation, we can have many thoughts since we are in a period of transition. I am planning to seek new research methods by closely observing these aspects. Q. Do you have any advice for future global savants? Students will need to seriously consider about whether an appointment as a professor is what they truly want. Looking back, I also had hard times until my appointment at a foreign university. Since it is a lifelong decision, I recommend that students try their best when concerning so that when they move into the doctorate course, the effort becomes worthwhile.  
Nov 05, 2018
[Maeil Ilbo and 2others] KUBS holds Start-up Demo Day '2018 Autumn CHOO CHOO DAY'
※ You can click on the title to look at the original article. KUBS holds Start-up Demo Day '2018 Autumn CHOO CHOO DAY'     KUBS will hold '2018 Autumn CHOO CHOO DAY' at Korea University LG-POSCO Building on the 8th of next month. This event is a start-up demo day where young entrepreneurs, who went through the start-up nurturing program by moving into the Start-up Institute attached to KUBS for 6 months, provide demonstrations and make public announcements of their own product and service.  This year, about 300 people of investment parties concerned, university, public institutions, the press, private enterprise, and preliminary entrepreneurs are expected to attend the event. Anyone who is interested in a start-up can apply for it. The following 6 enterprises will make a presentation: △Motion & Posture - AI personal trainer in one's hand △Studio LinK - Production company of a web drama targeting Southeast Asia △Inspire - Search service of clinics and hospitals for Chinese people in Korea  △KIDOP - Customized education contents service that helps nurturing children △Purple Gorilla - Protein  drink that prevents muscle loss for people who enjoy sports △Picasso - Youtuber Creator ranking and channel search service. Meanwhile the KUBS Start-up Research Institute, which was established in September 2016, is the first start-up nurturing and research Institute in a Business School and is currently discovering excellent student entrepreneurs to support them to grow into a successful start-up.   Maeil Ilbo Reporter 복현명     관련기사모음   [스마트경제] 고려대 경영대학, 스타트업 데모데이 '2018 가을 츄츄데이' 개최 [천지일보] 고려대 경영대학 스타트업 데모데이 '2018 가을 츄츄데이' 연다   
Oct 31, 2018