Features & Benefits

“KUBS Takes the Lead in the Future of Korean Business”
Korea University Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) is designed for executives and CEOs to pursue practical needs of field-based business efficiently through the latest business theory and corporate education

CEO leading the new trend
CEO with the world class intelligence and networks
You are truly the “Best CEO”

Since its creation in 1975, Korea University Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) has produced over 4,300 CEOs. As business environment becomes more globalized, the program offers the most up-to-date business theory and extensive networks for leaders from all walks of society, such as private organizations, government, public agencies, and national enterprises.
◎ One evening class per week on Mondays (82nd Batch: September 2016 – February 2017)
◎ More extensive range of services in the program due to the newly established position of Associate Academic Director starting 77th Batch
◎ The balance between business theory and practice with internal and external lecturers

AMP Advantage 1: Trailblazing Curriculum
◎ The in-depth and unique curriculum, which is comparable to the world's top universities, effectively fulfills the practical needs of the business field in terms of leadership, organization management, and knowledge management. The curriculum is also constantly revised to remain relevant to a changing environment, offering business and social skills that are in demand, such as image making.


◎ Joint Participation of AMP Alumni and Students in Special Lectures (81st Batch: CEO and Personal Branding, 80th: Use of Liberal Arts Understanding and Strategy in Big Data)
Some of the regular courses covers a special theme and offers in-depth lectures that are open to both alumni and current students. As a result, The AMP alumni and students have an opportunity to take classes together and build a professional network.


AMP Advantage 2: The Best Educational Environment and Various Activities
◎ Globally Recognized Educational Environment with Cutting-edge System
The LG-POSCO Building is an educational infrastructure which was constructed solely through donations for the first time in the history of university architecture. The building prides itself on having cutting-edge facilities.
The Hyundai Motor Hall offers classrooms and lounge for the exclusive use of AMP. Space at the hall is equipped with high-tech facilities as well.

 Overseas Training with High-quality Service
The overseas training, which is held during a semester, allows students to visit companies, industrial fields, world's top universities of each country and to participate in a special lecture given by a scholar or expert.
(81st Batch - Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland)/Aalto University)


AMP Advantage 3: Alumni Association with Extensive Networks

 Since its creation in 1975, Korea University Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) has produced over 4,300 CEOs. The program offers a wide range of alumni networking events such as collaborative seminars (business forum, breakfast seminar), hiking, and golf. 
Build your Korea University's unique alumni networks through gatherings.

AMP Advantage 4: The Best and the Largest Faculty among Korean Business Schools

◎ The faculty with diverse hands-on experiences and advanced business theory provides rational and strategic business mindset and high degree of business management skills which allow CEOs to improve the ability to cope with a rapidly changing business environment.

One who engraves a star on his heart,
Overcomes adversity with a clear direction,
Discovers new hopes,
And leads the world with his soothing charisma.