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History of KU Business Journal
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The first weekly newspaper in Korea

Acting as a compass for business management and a guide for business prosperity, the Center for Business Research & Education, affiliated with KUBS, launched the Business Newspaper on December 15, 1960, the first business newspaper in Korea. The publication was led by Prof. Kim Hyo-rok, then Director of the Center, Prof. Yun Byeong-uk, then Deputy Director, and Prof. Jo Gu-yeon, then Director of the Center’s Research Department. After gaining official permission for publication during the Jang Myeon administration, the four-page newspaper was published weekly. It was printed by renting the site of the Minkook Daily Newspaper (the Shinhan Bank building today) in Namdaemun, Seoul.

A tumultuous era – Publication suspension and reissue

The publication of the Business Newspaper was suspended temporarily in early 1964 as student demonstrations against the Korea- Japan negotiations caused the school to close several times. Most other forms of university media also had operations suspended.

On September 21, 1965, the Business Newspaper was reissued under the name of the Business New Report. The then Korean government had flexed its muscles to force the name change. The Park Chung-hui government banned all university media from using the word “newspaper” in their publications, claiming that “newspaper” represented established media; thus, university newspapers could trigger student demonstrations when addressing social issues.

In 1966, the name reverted to the Business Newspaper. However, the issue number today dates back to the first publication of the Business New Report in 1965, thus not counting the over 100 issues published prior to that year.
Reporting academia and school news

After the reissue, the Business Newspaper, originally published by the Center for Business Research & Education (the Institute for Business Research & Education today), fell under the control of KU Graduate School of Business Administration. Accordingly, one page of the newspaper was allocated to news articles about the Graduate Student Association and Alumni Association, whose members became the main paid subscribers.

Since the 1980s, the newspaper has included news articles about KUBS and PR material for Korea University during the admission period. In 2003, it became an independent Business Newspaper Agency under KUBS (publisher: KUBS Dean). On September 8, 2009, issue number 642 was published. The Business Newspaper is published once a month as a 20-page tabloid, increasing to 24 pages for special editions related to admissions.

Introduction of KU Business Journal

  Acting as a compass for business management and a guide for business prosperity, KU Business Journal was launched on December 15, 1960 and has maintained its reputation as the oldest newspaper in the field of business administration and economics. KU Business Journal acting as the first business newspaper in Korea has played an important role of window for public opinion and communication between people concerned with business administration and members of Korea University Business School, quickly providing readers with the latest news of cutting-edge management information and KUBS. In addition, KUBS has been doing its best to select a variety of top-class writing staffs and deliver the up-to-date management technique and theory.

- Publication

  At the time of beginning the publication, KUBS issued four pages of KU Business Journal in a large size once a week, but has increased the number of pages to 20 for basic issues and more than 20 for special issues. It has contributed a lot to strengthening ties among members of KUBS by printing the newspaper in color since November 2006 and creating a new website for the English version since May 2009.

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