Course Guide

Customized Program

The Graduate School of Business Administration of Korea University offers customized programs for renowned domestic and global businesses and universities, thereby helping them realize their vision and develop their strategies. The Graduate School paves the way forward for the Korean economy and ultimately the world. 


- A curriculum tailored to businesses that helps them achieve their vision 

- Passionate lectures from professors with top-notch research experience in domestic business education 

- Practical lectures focused on case studies and the active participation of students to draw out collective intelligence

- A superb educational environment that facilitates study skills and knowledge transmission, and allows for productive group discussions

- Highly satisfied students, thanks in part to the customized administrative services

Other amenities and benefits
• Access to libraries during the semester

• Specially discounted prices for students from other regions to use the Seongbuk Holiday Inn
(in Jongam-ro, 1.8 km distance by foot )

• Lecture rooms directly connected to the Korea University subway station and the parking lot

• Sufficient parking space

• Cutting-edge lecture rooms and numerous seminar rooms

• Lounges for resting and communication

• Provision of snacks and services befitting the executive level

• Prompt service on demand from a full-time course assistant