Donation Story

Unioneinc's Kim Yoonbok (E-MBA, 16th) Donates 20 Million Won to Business School
Unioneinc's Kim Yoonbok (E-MBA, 16th) Donates 20 Million Won to Business School Kim Yoonbok, a student of the 16th Executive MBA, donated 20 million won to Korea University Business School (KUBS).     The donation ceremony was held at 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 26 at the Dean's Office of KUBS. Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, Lee Dong Won, Associate Dean of the MBA, Kim Joong Hyuk, Associate Dean of KUBS, and Yoo Wonsang, Program Director, attended the donation ceremony of Kim Yoonbok, who delivered great love for his juniors and alma mater. The donation ceremony was held in the order of △delivery of the donation agreement, △delivery of the donation certificate, △delivery of thank-you notes, △group photos, and △exchanging pleasantries.     "I am very happy and proud to be able to do something meaningful for my alma mater while I'm in school," said Kim Yoonbok.   Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, thanked him, saying, "We will use the donation in a good place for KUBS and students in accordance with your deep wishes."   Unioneinc, a company where Kim Yoonbok is the CEO, is a small and medium-sized company that operates computer and peripherals, software wholesale, and information and communication corporation business. It was selected as a "working-friendly small business" by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry this year and won the third annual MoneyToday 2017 Korea Good Company Awards - Service Innovation Awards.  
Dec 31, 2018
Yangyoung Foundation Donates 20 Million Won in Scholarship to Korea University Business School
Yangyoung Foundation Donates 20 Million Won in Scholarship to Korea University Business School     KUBS alumni's passionate love for their alma mater and juniors continues. On December 26 (Wed) at 3 p.m., there was a scholarship delivery ceremony for the Yangyoung Foundation, (Chairman: Kim Sang-ha) which donated 20 million won to KUBS.   The donation ceremony was attended by Hong Sung-hoon, Director General of the foundation (Executive MBA 1st), Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, Yoo Byunghyun, Dean of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation, and Kim Joonghyuk, Associate Dean of KUBS and was held in order of  △delivery of the donation agreement,  △delivery of the certificates,  △delivery of the thank-you notes,  △group photos and  △exchanging pleasantries. The scholarship, donated by the Yangyoung Foundation, will be used as an academic scholarship for students in the future.   "Although there are many students who cannot concentrate only on their studies due to work, our school is exceptional because it operates scholarships that support students` living expenses," said Director Hong Sung-hoon.   Kim Jaewook, Dean of KUBS, said, "I am deeply grateful to the Yangyoung Foundation, which gives scholarships every time with generous love for students, and it is very meaningful that I can personally express my gratitude through these occasions." . The foundation, which has been donating money to KUBS since 2006, has so far surpassed 2.8 million won in accumulated donations, with 82 students receiving scholarships.   The Yangyoung Foundation was created by Sudang Kim Yeon-soo, the younger brother of Inchon Kim Seong-soo, who founded Korea University and is the first private educational foundation in Korea established in 1939. The foundation has supported a total of 9,141 students and 480 professors with scholarships and research funds since 2006 in line with the wishes of Kim Yeon-soo's third son, Kim Sang-hong (Admitted in '41, KUBS).  
Dec 31, 2018
KUBS Dream Scholarship Donation by Oh-Gil Choi (Business ’61), Chairman of INFAC
KUBS Dream Scholarship Donation by Oh-Gil Choi (Business ’61), Chairman of INFAC KUBS has been received a three-thousand-won donation by Chairman of INFAC, Oh-Gil Choi. The contribution will be used to finance ‘KUBS Dream Scholarship’ that will assist the beneficiaries’ living expenses during their study.   KUBS Dream Scholarship aims to support students whose tuition fee is covered by the Korean Government Scholarship and yet have difficulties continuing their study due to financial concerns such as living expenses. This monthly scholarship was first implemented in 2015, and it is made up of contributions by KUBS alumni. The cumulative amount of the scholarship so far is 2.4 billion won, with its cumulative beneficiaries of 161.   Mr. Choi commented, “I hope the scholarship will help our brilliant students in KUBS to focus on their dreams without any financial concerns.”   In fact, it is not the first time Mr. Choi made contributions to Korea University. He has already made donations several times with deep affection toward Korea University. The total amount of his donation to KUBS adds up to 1.5 hundred million won. Furthermore, he donated 40 million won to Korea University. Not surprisingly, Mr. Choi also organized a variety of social contribution activities such as volunteer at social welfare organizations and free distribution of briquettes.   INFAC is an automotive part manufacturing company that is renowned for its GPS antenna. In addition to its largest market share of GPS antenna in the world, it is a trusted company with outstanding technology and quality management.
Aug 13, 2018
Jyh-ping Chang (KUBS ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, Donates 500 Million KRW
Jyh-ping Chang (KUBS ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, Donates 500 Million KRW   Jyh-ping Chang, CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, donated 500 million KRW for KUBS scholarship. The scholarship donated by Chang, who graduated KUBS in 1979, will be used for undergraduate students, and a donation ceremony took place at the Korea University Main Building on July 10th.  (왼쪽부터) 권수영 경영대학장, 장치평 교우(경영79), 염재호 총장, 유병현 대외협력처장 (사진제공=커뮤니케이션팀)    At the donation ceremony, Chang said, "I'm always very interested in corporate social responsibility. I'd like to give my support to my alma mater, Korea University, in order to contribute to society."  "We appreciate your support for future generations," said Jae-ho Yeom, President of Korea University. "We will work hard to nurture creative talents who will lead the future."  Chang started his career at Sammi Development Center in 1983, followed by a career in Hong Kong working for Kolon Corporation as the vice president. He established Astronergy Solar Korea in 2009 and became its CEO. Since 2015, he has served as an adjunct professor and advisor at KUBS, and also as the 84th class president of the AMP program.   With a deep interest in corporate social responsibility, he has continued to make various donations at home and abroad. He sponsored "Town Musicians of Bremen,” a musical for children from low-income families. He also provided solar power facilities to Hongcheon Haemill School, an alternative school for multicultural kids. He promoted an energy welfare project called "Sunlight, Happiness and Sharing" with Korea Energy Corporation in Gangwon, donated in Fiji Disaster Recovery Fund and also 10,000 briquettes for the disadvantaged.   관련 기사 보기 ※ 제목을 클릭하면 기사 원문을 확인하실 수 있습니다.​ [연합뉴스] 장치평(경영79) 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표, 고려대에 5억원 기부 [연합포토뉴스] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표, 고려대에 5억원 쾌척 [세계일보] 태양처럼 뜨거운 고대사랑…장학금 5억 기부 [한겨레] 11일 동정 [매일일보] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표이사, 고려대 경영대학 장학금 5억원 기부 [베리타스알파] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표이사, 고려대 장학금 기부 [대학저널] 고려대, 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표로부터 5억 원 기부받아 [천지일보] 장치평 아스트로너지쏠라코리아 대표이사, 고려대에 장학금 5억 기부
Jul 11, 2018
Insung Research Awards Implemented by Yoo Hui Sung Donation
Insung Research Awards Implemented by Yoo Hui Sung Donation   Korea University Business School is proud to announce that ‘Insung Research Awards’ has been implemented. The source of research fund has been donated by KUBS alumni Mr. Yoo Hui Sung (Commerce ‘58), and the fund will be awarded to KUBS professors with outstanding research performance. The awardees will be four full-time academic staffs at the Business School, with a prize of up to 30 million research fund. To be selected as an Insung Research Award winner, △the academic staff must demonstrate an outstanding level of research which must be agreed in the academic circle of Business Administration △a research that potentially raises discussions for further researches △a research that can potentially be published in internationally renowned journals. Insung Research Awards will be financed by 200 million won of Insung Research Fund, which is part of the amount Mr. Yoo Hui Sung contributed to the School after the disposal of property worth 2.2 billion won. In fact, this is the third time Mr. Yoo made the contribution to Korea University. His first donation of one billion won was made in April 2011, which was used to finance the construction of Hyundai Motor Hall. In response to his donation, KUBS named one of the lecture rooms, Room B205, as ‘Yoo Hui Sung Lecture Room’ to appreciate his contribution. The second donation he made was in July 2015, a contribution of 1.2billion won to Korea University. It was the start of Insung Fund, which provided students with financial support. Insung Fund is used to minimizing students’ financial burden. In fact, not exclusive to the tuition fee, the scholarship was granted to students’ monthly living expenses as well as airfare for exchange students. Yoo Hui Sung used an analogy between money to sea. “You know how they say you will not be able to relief thirst even if you drink all of the seawater, I think that applies to the use of money. In terms of money, you will never be satisfied – as you get richer, the ‘thirst’ gets stronger. So I figured, I need to make contributions when I can, so I will not regret when I look back.”  
Jul 05, 2018
Tradition for Donation Warm, Hand-in-hand Donation to KUBS
Tradition for Donation Warm, Hand-in-hand Donation to KUBS   Korea has the world's 12th largest GDP, but ranks 62nd in terms of donations. Many say that although Korea has long become a country that provides aid to other countries, the culture of donation and sharing in Korea has not been so popularized. Despite the unfamiliar perception of donations, Korea University, especially KUBS, continues its unique donation culture.   At KUBS, active donations are made every year based on the love for the alma mater and its “family” spirit. The donation culture is always completed by showing respect to the donors.   The LG-POSCO Building, for the first time in Korea, has a lecture room named after the donor, and each chair has a donor’s name on it. The purpose of this is to let students learn about their love and return later what he or she received.   In addition, the Office of Development & External Affairs of Korea University, which oversees the fund-raising as a whole, releases the names and amounts of donors through media such as Korea University News Weekly.     Warm, Hand-in-hand Donation to KUBS   KUBS is offering students the opportunity to focus on their studies without financial difficulties through KUBS scholarships. The scholarship funds collected at KUBS over the past two years from the second semester of 2016 are about 3.093 billion won. 1,063 students have received scholarships from KUBS over the past two years.   KPMG Samjong Alumni Association (Chairman: Yang Seung-yeol, KUBS ‘83) - 100 million Won About 230 accountants who graduated from Korea University and are working at KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. gathered together to raise funds. They have agreed to donate a total of 100 million won for the next five years. The fund will be used to support students who are interested in becoming accountants in the future. "We hope our future generations will grow up to become accountants while studying in a better environment," said Yang Seung-yeol. "We will continue to provide our support so that our alma mater can make a bigger leap forward."   Chung Mong-jin (KUBS ’79), Chairman of KCC - 100 million Won The donation of 100 million won delivered by Chairman Chung will be used as a scholarship fund for the MnJ Foundation. Chung Mong-jin has donated scholarships to KUBS via scholarships for the MnJ Foundation.   Lee Sun-yong (KUBS ‘80), CEO of Asian Star - 50 million Won Lee Sun-yong, CEO of Asian Star, donated 50 million won for the development of her alma mater. "I want to give many of the help I've received so far for KUBS students before it's too late," said Lee.   KUBS ‘86 Alumni Association - 50 million Won KUBS ’86 Alumni Association raised about 360 million won to mark the 25th anniversary of its admission at the KUBS Alumni Night in 2011. The association has continued to make continuous donations, raising 50 million won this year as well.   GS Group Chairman, Huh Chang-soo (KUBS ‘67) - 300 million Won The Namchon Scholarship is a scholarship fund by GS Group CEO Huh Chang-soo in support of the late GS Engineering & Construction Honorary Chairman Huh Joon-koo, who was interested in fostering young talents. The Namchon Foundation, which has continued its donations since 2005, donated an additional 300 million won in 2018, raising 3.53 billion won cumulatively.   Lee Hwa-young, Professor Lee Sang-hoon's eldest daughter - 50 million Won Lee Hwa-young, the eldest daughter of the late Professor Lee Sang-hoon, the first Dean of KUBS, donated 50 million won to the KUBS Development Fund. "It's still vivid that I played with my father, Professor Lee, at the university's main building," Lee said at the donation ceremony, "So I wanted to do something worthwhile."   Vice-Chairman Cho Duk-hee (Soam Scholarship) - 70 million Won Cho Deok-hee, the wife of the late Cho Pung-eon (KUBS ’59), donated 70 million won in the name of the Soam Scholarship. The Soam Scholarship was organized by Cho Poong-eon to promote the academic passion of KUBS students and his wife Cho Deok-hee has continued his will ever since he passed away. She has donated 70 million won this time, and has now surpassed 1 billion won cumulatively.   Yoon Min-woong (KUBS ‘99) - 20 million Won Yoon Min-woong, CEO of the student community “Su Man-hwi” and the publishing company TENBALL STORY, donated 20 million won. "After I was discharged from the military, I received two scholarships from KUBS," he said. "I wanted to return the money with some interests."   Kim Byung-chae (KUBS ‘77), CEO of Poinix Inc. - 50 million Won Kim Byung-chae, CEO of Poinix Inc., donated 50 million won and said, "I had an intention to participate in the development of KUBS. I hope it will be used wherever necessary for my alma mater and its students." Poinix Inc. was established in 2003 and is a road-packaging company that specializes in traffic noise reduction technology based on a double-decker packaging structure using a radial-type SBS reformation agent.   Kim Hong-mae, CEO of Dongwon Phoenix - 100 million Won Kim Hong-mae (MSP 76th), donated 100 million won in scholarship funds to KUBS. Kim is currently the president of the KUBS Alumni Association and also the vice president of KU Alumni Association. "I wanted to help nurture future talents that contribute to society," said CEO Kim. "I hope more students will be able to focus on what they want to do through this scholarship."   Euh Yoon-dae (KUBS ‘63), Honorary Professor - 50 million Won The donation will be named "Euh Yoon-dae Friendship Scholarship" and will be used to assist the airfare of outbound exchange students to the University of Michigan. Euh Yoon-dae, an honorary professor at KUBS, also served as the 15th President of Korea University in 2003 and worked on the "Global KU Project.”   Seo Young-yul (KUBS ‘69), Chairman of Pratama Abati – 300 million Won Seo Young-yul, Chairman of Pratama Abati, donated 300 million won for KUBS students. Chairman Seo said, "I will provide support so that more students can focus on studying." Pratama Abati, which marked the 30th anniversary, is creating jobs and acquiring foreign currency through the manufacture of OEMs for Nike shoes in Indonesia.   Yoo Hwi-sung (KUBS ‘58) - 200 million Won Yoo Hwi-sung (KUBS ‘58) will support a KUBS professor who conducts world-class research with Insung Research Fund of 200 million won, which was first raised from the disposal of 2.2 billion won worth of his real estate in September 2017. Yoo has donated a large sum of money twice before. The first donation was made in April 2011 with 1 billion won for the construction of Hyundai Motor Hall, and the second was made in July 2015 by depositing 1.2 billion won to Korea University headquarter. "You have to give it when you can, so that you can leave without thirst when you die," said Yoo.   Chang Jyh-ping (KUBS ‘79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea - 500 million Won Chang Jyh-ping, CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, donated 500 million won in scholarships for KUBS students and said he wanted to help his alma mater, Korea University, as a graduate. Chang established Astronergy Solar Korea in 2009 and took office as its CEO. Since 2015, he has served as an adjunct professor and advisor at KUBS and also as the 84th class president of the KUBS AMP program.   INFAC CEO, Choi Oh-gil (KUBS ‘61) - 30 million Won INFAC CEO, Choi Oh-gil (KUBS ‘61), donated 30 million won to the KUBS Dream Scholarship, a scholarship fund for living expenses at KUBS. Delivering the scholarship, CEO Choi said, "I hope that the scholarship will help the talent of KUBS students move toward their dreams without worrying about their living expenses." INFAC is known for its outstanding technology and quality management, and is the world's leading manufacturer of automotive parts in the GPS antenna sector.   E-MBA Alumni Association, 30 million Won (+α) 30 million won (+α) was donated by the Executive MBA Alumni Association. By October 15, 2018, E-MBA graduates had joined together to deliver a huge fund for the development of KUBS and its E-MBA program. “We sincerely hope that the donation will do a lot of work for Korea University and E-MBA,” said Yoon Yeo-dong, a former head of the association.   Vice-Chairman of KTB Investment & Securities Co., Lee Byung-chul (KUBS ‘06) - 20 million Won Lee Byung-chul, Vice Chairman of KTB Investment & Securities Co., donated 20 million won in scholarships with his affection for KUBS and its students. Starting with this donation, the vice-chairman vowed to continue his support for KUBS. Lee's donation will be used to help KUBS students grow into the leaders of Korea.  
Jul 05, 2018
Seo Young-yul (Admitted in '69, KUBS, Pratama Abadi Inc.) Donates 300 Million Won for Korea University Business School
Seo Young-yul (Admitted in '69, KUBS, Pratama Abadi Inc.) Donates 300 Million Won for Korea University Business School   Seo Young-yul, chairman of Pratama Abadi Inc., (PT. Pratama Abadi Industri, hereinfafter "Pratama Abadi") donated 300 million won for KUBS. The donation ceremony to mark the donation was held on May 17 at the Main Building of Korea University and the Main Hall of Korea University Business School.   (왼쪽부터) 김재욱 기획예산처장, 권수영 경영대학장, 서영율 교우(경영69), 염재호 총장, 유병현 대외협력처장 (사진제공=커뮤니케이션팀)   Those who attended the donation ceremony were Yeom Jae-ho, President of Korea University, Kwon Soo-young, Dean of Korea University Business School, Kim Jae-wook, head of the Planning and Budget Ministry, and Yoo Byung-hyun, Head of the External Cooperation Department and Head of the Fund Planning Division. "In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the company's foundation, I decided to make a donation for young students," said Seo Young-yul. "We will continue to provide support so that more students can receive scholarship to study," he said.       After the donation ceremony, a special lecture was held for students at KUBS. In a special lecture as part of the course "Global CEO Special Lecture," he gave a lecture on "Being desperate leads to concentration and opportunity." Seo Young-yul shared his experience with students, saying, "I was able to overcome my belated school life, my hard-pressed career, and my money-losing business because I was faithful to the basics. I expected the worst of any problem, so I could overcome any situation."     Meanwhile, Seo Young-yul advanced to Indonesia in 1982 and founded Pratama Abadi in 1989. In 28 years since Nike shoe OEM manufacturing, the company has developed into a conglomerate with annual sales of $380 million, 30,000 local employees and 90 Korean managers. It not only contributes greatly to Indonesia's economic development by creating jobs and acquiring foreign currency, but also to the country's exports growth of $30 million annually through sourcing materials in Korea. Korea University Business School has been sending a total of 30 students to Pratama Abadi since 1995 through KUBS's International Internship Program.  
May 17, 2018
Emeritus Professor Yoondae Euh Made a Donation for Exchange Students in University of Michigan
Emeritus Professor Yoondae Euh Made a Donation for Exchange Students in University of Michigan   KUBS Emeritus Professor Yoondae Euh (Business ’63, the 15th President of Korea University) made a contribution of 50 million won. The donation will be named as ‘Yoondae Euh Friendship Scholarship’, and it will be used to finance round-trip fare of exchange students to University of Michigan in the U.S.   ▲ 어윤대 명예교수(경영63)   Emeritus Professor Yoondae Euh served as the 15th President of Korea University for 4 years from 2003. One of his main achievements during his term was ‘Global KU Project’. This donation is also a part of his project as improvement of KUBS to ‘Global Business School’, by supporting students to spend their exchange semester at the University of Michigan. Emeritus Professor Yoondae Euh commented, ““I hope this will be another big step facilitating exchanges between KUBS and Michigan University,” and continued saying, “I expect that continuous exchange will produce more global talent with international sense from Korea University.” KUBS signed international partnership agreements with University of Michigan’s Ross Business School. It is expected that the agreement would promote academic exchanges and cooperation between the two institutions. KUBS students are now eligible to participate in exchange program at Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, depending on the number of incoming students from Michigan Ross.   ▶ [관련기사 보기] 고려대 경영대학, 미국 미시간대 경영대학과 국제교류 협정 ◀
May 15, 2018
Kim Hong-mae, Dongwon Phoenix CEO, Donates 100 Million Won to KUBS
Kim Hong-mae, Dongwon Phoenix CEO, Donates 100 Million Won to KUBS The donation ceremony for Kim Hong-mae, CEO of Dongwon Phoenix, was held at the Dean's Office in KUBS Main Building on May 1. The donation ceremony was attended by Professor Soo Young Kwon (Dean of KUBS), Professor Hyoung Koo Moon, Sang-kyung Park, Jang-hyun Park, and Ja-hee Hyun. At the meeting, CEO Kim donated 100 million won to KUBS.       "I wanted to help foster future talents that contribute to our society," said Kim, who has attended KUBS Graduate School as 76th member and is currently the president of KUBS Graduate School Alumni Association and the vice president of KU Alumni Association. She expressed her motivation to donate money to help more students focus on what they really want to do.   (왼쪽부터) 현자희 자문위원장, 박상경 부회장, 박장현 사무처장, 김홍매 대표이사, 문형구 주임교수, 권수영 학장       CEO Kim started Harim Trading in 1997 and established Dongwon Phoenix, a business for fabric manufacturing, in 1999 as a CEO. Based on its business model that exports silkworm to China while making less profit and compensating all claims, Dongwon Phoenix has preempted China's high-end clothing fabric market. Kim, who raised 20 billion won in annual sales with 40 partner companies in China, won the Presidential Award in 2002, the Gyeonggi Regional SMEs and Startups Office Prize in 2015 and the Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association Prize in 2016. This year, she joined as the member of Honor Society by donating 100 million won to Community Chest of Korea, and won the 1st Sharing Leader Award at the National Assembly on March 21.  
May 03, 2018
"I want to return the scholarship benefits I received in my school days to my juniors." Alumni Min Yoong, Yoon (Business'99) Donates Scholarship
"I want to return the scholarship benefits I received in my school days to my juniors." Alumni Min Yoong, Yoon (Business'99) Donates Scholarship Korea University Business School (Dean=Soo Young Kwon) held a scholarship donation ceremony on March 22 with Min Yoong, Yoon (Business'99), at the dean's office on the first floor of KUBS Main Building. Attending the donation ceremony were Soo Young Kwon, Dean of KUBS, Jaehwan Kim, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and professor Kwangtae Park, who has been close to Yoon since his undergraduate days. At the meeting, Yoon delivered 20 million won in scholarship funds to KUBS.     (왼쪽부터) 김재환 경영대학 부학장, 윤민웅 교우(경영99), 권수영 경영대학장, 박광태 교수   The donation ceremony consisted of a pleasant conversation and presentation of a donation certificate. Dean Soo Young Kwon exchanged pleasantries by presenting a book of <A Tale of Accounting> which he wrote himself to Yoon, who obtained an accountant's license and has worked at Samil Accounting Corp. for about three years. “While it is common to approach accounting as a theory, I would like to present a book that I have written that helps accessing accounting from a practical point," said Kwon. "While I was disappointed that I failed the accountant exam when I was an undergraduate, professor Kwangtae Park encouraged me to try again. I remember passing the accountant exam that I took once again with the help of professor Park," said Yoon. He then replied to Kwon saying, "I thank the dean for giving me his book." Yoon Min-woong, who worked for Samil Accounting Corp. from 2007 to 2010, laid the groundwork for the education business by helping students with their studies during his preparation for the accountant exam. While the start was merely a hobby, he gathered more people than expected. Now it has finally developed into a form of an education business.            (좌) 환담을 나누는 윤민웅 교우(경영99), 박광태 교수, 권수영 경영대학장 (우) 권수영 경영대학장의 집필 저서 '회계학 이야기'   Min Yoong, Yoon is currently the CEO of a famous community for the college entrance examinees, Soo Man Hui, and a publishing company, TENBALL STORY. He said that he received the "Yoon Byung-wook Scholarship" from KUBS as an undergraduate, and that he wanted to return the scholarships to his juniors after becoming successful. "I received the Yoon Byung-wook scholarship twice after being discharged from the army. I’ve always wanted to return the scholarship that I received with some interest back, and then I decided to do it before it was too late because I was in my 30s." As such, the scholarship fund of Yoon was created in the hope that the scholarship benefits he received at KUBS would be delivered to more juniors, which is very meaningful.       "Human relationships and experiences that I built at KUBS contribute greatly to my life," said Yoon. "I hope you cherish the people around you and build many diverse and pleasant memories during your undergraduate years," Yoon said, leaving a warm message to juniors at KUBS. "I believe all of you will do well with your good talents," he added. Meanwhile, the Yoon Byung-wook Scholarship, which Min Yoong, Yoon received was created to honor the achievements of Yoon Byung-wook, Emeritus Professor: △the first generation of Commerce major △the first to obtain M.S. degree in Commerce △the first Ph.D in business administration △the first Korean professor to study abroad △the first business major professor from Korea University. So far, it still pays the entire tuition to one student at a KUBS per semester.  
Mar 27, 2018
Lee Hwa-young, the daughter of the late Professor Lee Sang-hoon, donates 50 million won to KUBS
Lee Hwa-young, the daughter of the late Professor Lee Sang-hoon, donates 50 million won to KUBS Lee Hwa-young, the eldest daughter of the late Professor Lee Sang-hoon, the first dean of KUBS, donated 50 million won for the KUBS development fund. The donation of the development fund was to honor the childhood memories of Lee Hwa-young, who was with her father at the school campus.   The donation ceremony, held at the Dean's Office on February 19, was attended by about 10 people including Ms. Lee, Choi Byung-hoon, Kim Dong-ki, Shin Soo-sik, Euh Yoon-Dae, Cho Ik-soon and Yu Byung-hyun.   A special ceremony to mark the name of professor Lee on the wall was also held on that day. In honor of the will of the late professor Lee, KUBS changed the name of the Dean's Office to "Siyeon Dean’s Office."   "I would like to thank all those who attended the donation ceremony," said Kwon Soo Young, Dean of KUBS. "By naming it as the Siyeon Dean's Office, many people who come and go to the office will remember today's donation."   "It is still vivid that I played at the Main Hall of Korea University after my father Lee Sang-hoon," Ms. Lee said at the donation ceremony. "KUBS is full of nostalgia from my childhood, so I feel somewhat more attracted." "While I look back on my life, I wanted to do something worthwhile," she said. "Thank you for your hospitality and I will remember today for the rest of my life."   "KUBS has a strong tradition of donation, so all three buildings on KUBS campus are built upon donations by alumni members," professor Euh said. "I thank Ms. Lee for joining the donation culture in the course of the school's development, and I hope this tradition will be maintained in the future."   The late professor Lee Sang-hoon served as the first dean of KUBS from 1946 to 1947, after becoming a professor at Boseong College in 1935. The fund will be used to foster future talents at KUBS.    
Mar 19, 2018
Korea University EMBA (15th) Donates to Green Umbrella Children's Foundation
Korea University EMBA (15th) Donates to Green Umbrella Children's Foundation Korea University Graduate School of Business’s (Dean: Kwon Soo-young) Association of the 15th Executive MBA (hereinafter “EMBA,” Chairman: Kang Myung-chul) donated 7 million won from a charity auction held at the New Year's Night on December 9 to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation Human Resources Promotion Project.       The Association held a charity auction at the ‘2017 Farewell Night’ event with items donated voluntarily by 50 students. All of the 7 million won set up through the charity event, which was actively run by students, was given to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation’s ‘Talent Promotion Project.’ The Green Umbrella Children's Foundation's ‘Talent Promotion Project’ is a social activity that helps talented but badly off children to develop their academics and talent,   "I am grateful to all of my classmates for voluntarily planning and participating in the social contribution program at the year-end event, which can only be enjoyed on their own," said Chun Jaewook, Program Director of EMBA at Korea University. "I feel more grateful because I feel that the donation is worthy of the status of our EMBA ranking 20th in the world in terms of social sharing."  Meanwhile, the Executive MBA at Korea University's Graduate School of Business opened in 2003 for the first time in Korea to foster creative global CEOs. For advanced managers and executives with more than 10 years of experience, the Executive MBA is a two-year program for professionals that offers differentiated intensive training from the best faculty members over the weekend. Dedicated classrooms and lounges are assigned to match the educational level of students who are high-level managers, while two program directors and full-time program managers are assigned to provide the best education service.   관련 기사 [매일경제] 고려대 EMBA 원우회, 자선경매 수익금 어린이재단 인재양성사업에 기부 [동아일보] 고려대 EMBA 15기 원우회, 초록우산어린이재단에 기부
Dec 19, 2017
“I want to give back what I have received from the Alumni members” – Interview with Seonyong Lee (KUBS 80)
“I want to give back what I have received from the Alumni members” – Interview with Seonyong Lee (KUBS 80) Seonyong Lee (KUBS 80), CEO of Asian Star Inc., donated KRW 50 million to KUBS. The donated funds will be devoted to the undergraduate scholarship programs. On May 17th, at the donation event, we had a meeting with Mr.Lee and asked him to share his story.     Q Could you tell us about your memorable episodes in KUBS? The 1980s, the time when I was in undergraduate, was in a continuous cycle of social disorder between the student movement and closure of a school. I was able to check whether it was a school closing day or not, by stopping by at the billiard club which had been located in front of the main entrance, every day before the class starts. If there were any friends of mine in the morning, it implied that the school was closing that day. Also, networking with the fellow students who came from other provinces in Korea was a very interesting experience for me, since I was born and raised in Seoul before entering into the college. Q What do you think is the most important mindset in social attitudes? In 1990, I imported an American family restaurant brand “TGI Friday’s” for the first hand in Korea, and initiated 22 franchises domestically until 2002. Then the brand was sold to Lotte group. Currently, I’m running a health care business that manages the wholesale and services of medical instruments. Looking back on my previous business practices, I think the mindset of “being sincere and honest” toward the customers has been the most important key to success. I had to behave earnestly while I was running the restaurant business, for instance opening the diner 365 days with no closing, and always trying to figure out the ways to provide the finest qualities and better services to the customers. As a result of the attitudes based on the sincerity, I was able to successfully expand the number of franchises. My sincere attitude toward the customers has never been changed until today. I believe that the solutions in a right path to make a success in every business are reachable with “Sincerity” and “Honesty”. Q What has been the core motivation for you to make a decision in donating for KUBS? I started my own business when I was in age of early 30s, and it became successful thanks to the support from the people around me, including my parents, alumni members and other business partners. Especially for the currently running business in medical sector, contribution from the KUBS alumni was the most significant part of the corporate developments. I decided to give back the benefits that I have received from the seniors, as much as my ability reaches and before it gets too late. Sharing and donating is a beautiful legacy of KUBS. I wish this little support from me also takes place as a cornerstone for the next generation’s future donation. Q Could you kindly advise the students who are dreaming of becoming a future CEO? I would like to introduce a word “GRIT”. GRIT refers to an individual power that exhibits perseverance to achieve a goal. That means, even if you have any difficulty and hardship in pursing your objectives, you need this ability to continuously move on track. If you are planning to become a leader, you should develop “GRIT”. Q Please leave a comment for the KUBS undergraduates I would like to share a phrase “You will reap what you sow, rejoice always, give thanks in all circumstances”. Thank you.  
Jun 15, 2017
The Story of Endless Donation Relay, the Love for KUBS
The Story of Endless Donation Relay, the Love for KUBS   The continuous love for KUBS lives on. KUBS has been running its own scholarship program supported by the alumni demonstrating their love for KUBS students.   Alumnus Jyh Ping Chang (Business Administration, ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea Inc.   The signing ceremony for the Hyundai Motor Hall Development Fund by Jyh Ping Chang (Business Administration, ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, was held in the Dean’s Office of KUBS on December 2. Alumnus Jyh Ping Chang, Dean Dong-One Kim, and Professor Hicheon Kim were present at the ceremony. The 500 million won donated by Alumnus Chang will be used as the Development Fund for Hyundai Motor Hall. Alumnus Chang said, “I hope this donation contributes greatly to the development of my alma mater, as well as KUBS juniors.” At the same time, Alumnus Dae Jung Kim (Business Administration, ’79), CEO of Garak Construction, also made a 100 million won donation for the Development Fund of Hyundai Motor on December 28. The funds, contributed by Alumnus Kim, will be dedicated to build classrooms in order to nurture futures leaders of KUBS.   On December 4, the Entering Class of 1990 donated 167 million KRW at the KUBS Alumni Night.   The wholehearted support for KUBS students by each Entering Class is also noteworthy. In celebration of their 25th graduation anniversary, each Entering Class holds an annual fundraiser for scholarship at the KUBS Alumni Night. The Entering Class of 1990 delivered the scholarship worth 167 million won to KUBS during the KUBS Alumni Night held on December 4, 2015. As a result, current KUBS students now have a wider access to scholarship opportunities than ever before.   In celebration of 30th graduation anniversary, the Entering Class of 1986 donated 5,000,000 KRW for the development of KUBS.   The Entering Class of 1978 recently signed to donate 33.8 million won to KUBS. This donation will be devoted to the “KUBS Dream Scholarship” that provides support for living expenses. Also, celebrating the 30th graduation anniversary, the Entering Class of 1986 held an event titled “KUBS Entering Class of 1986 Alumni Night” with approximately 60 alumni participated in the event to deliver a 5 million won worth scholarship to KUBS. The Entering Class of 1986 has been donating the scholarship funds continuously since 2013.     The 12th Batch of Executive MBA (EMBA) Alumni Association contributed 30 million won for the KUBS Development Fund in celebration of the graduation. Junghwa Ahn, president of the 12th Batch of EMBA Alumni Association, said, “Carrying on the donating tradition of the EMBA Alumni Association upon their graduation, we, the 12th batch of EMBA graduates, believe this year is our turn to succeed its tradition and contribute with all our hearts as the new members of the association.” He added, “We hope such tradition will enable the steady ongoing development of our alma mater.”   KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim said in his speech, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all of all alumni individually, as well as all Entering Classes for the donation, dedicated to support the development of our students and the school itself. We will do our best to financially support the underprivileged students thanks to your donation and to ultimately support their academic performances.”  
Feb 29, 2016
Professor Emeritus Ik-Soon Cho donates 29 artifacts to KUBS
Professor Emeritus Cho Ik-soon Donates 29 Artifacts to KUBS Donations for professors' and students' cultural lives...6 earthenware pieces, 10 celadon pieces, etc. displayed in the professor's lounge         Professor Emeritus Cho Ik-soon of KUBS donated artifacts for the school. The donation ceremony was held on February 15th at 2 p.m., and it was attended by Professor Cho Ik-soon, Kim Dong One, Dean of KUBS, Lim Ho Soon, Associate Dean of KUBS, Professor Shin Ho Jung, Professor Jeong Seok Woo, and Jeon Young-min, Director of the administrative office.   Professor Cho donated a total of 29 artifacts which he had in his possession, including porcelain and celadon. The donated relics include 6 earthenware pieces, 10 celadon pieces, 6 powdered porcelain pieces, and 7 white porcelain pieces, and their time and type of production vary. Among the artifacts, the Buncheong Saggi Gukhwa Inhwa Moonho is engraved with the same technique as the National Treasure No. 177, Buncheong Saggi Gukhwamoon Tae, which is housed in the Korea University Museum. The Cheongjaesanggam Munbal and Cheongja Yanggak Morandang Chomunbal are considered as high-end products used by the Goryeo Dynasty because of their precise and detailed patterns. (From left) Assistant Manager Young Min Jeon, Associate Dean Hosun Rhim, Professor Emeritus Ik-Soon Cho, Dean Dong-One Kim, Professor Seok Wook Jeong, Associate Dean Hojung Shin   "I donated the artifacts because I wanted to make sure that professors and students who are tired of studying and research are able to lead cultural life on campus," Cho said. "I hope that various donations will continue in the future for the development of business schools." Meanwhile, the artworks donated by Cho will be displayed at the Professor's Lounge at No. 620 of the LG-POSCO Building.  
Feb 18, 2016
Sang Il Lee, chairman of Iljin Group, donates 2 billion KRW for the KUBS Support for Business Startups
Sang Il Lee (Commerce, ‘57), chairman of Iljin Group, donated 2 billion KRW for the KUBS Support for Business Startups Educational services and center construction for students who dream of starting their own startups … Startup Support Center is scheduled to be completed in September.   KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim, left, and Iljin Group CEO Dong-Seop Lee   Sang Il Lee (Commerce, ‘57), chairman of Iljin Group, has made a 2 billion won donation to support the development of his alma mater. On November 13, 2015, Dong-One Kim (KUBS Dean), Hosun Rhim (Associate Dean), Seung-Weon Yoo (Associate Dean), Myeong-Hyeon Cho (Associate Dean ), Dongseop Lee (President of Iljin Group), Tae-Hyung Kim (Executive Director of Iljin Group), and Yoonju Lee (Managing Director of Iljin Group) were present at the fund ceremony.   The funds, contributed by Iljin Group, will be devoted to the development of Korea University. The funds will be also used to construct Startup Support Center and to provide educational services of business startups in efforts to foster talented KUBS students. The construction for Startup Support Center, which will be named after Iljin Group, is schedule to be completed in September.   “The funds will be utilized to provide educational services and support for business startups for KUBS students,” said KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim. “We will do our absolute best to cultivate talented individuals with challenge-driven from Startup Support Center that is named after Iljin Group.”  
Feb 11, 2016
Alumnus Myung-Ho Seung, chairman of Dongwha Group, donates 1.5 billion KRW to KUBS
Alumnus Myung-Ho Seung (International Trade, ’74), chairman of Dongwha Group, donates 1.5 billion KRW to KUBS Donates a total of KRW 3 billion, including fund for the development of Korea University … Will be devoted to the KUBS Development Fund and the KUBS Support for Business Startups       Dongwha Group chairman Myung-Ho Seung (International Trade, ’74) has made a 3 billion won donation to support the development of his alma mater. On February 5, Jaeho Yeom (KU President), Dong-One Kim (KUBS Dean), Byung-Hyun Yoo (Vice President for Development and External Affairs/Capital Planning), Myung-Ho Seung (Dongwha Group Chairman), Hongjin Kim (Cheif Executive Officer and Director of Dongwha Group), and Gyeongseop Min (Director for Financial Planning and Human Resources of Donghwa Group) attended the Korea University Development Fund Ceremony at the headquarters office of Dongwha.   The funds, contributed by Chairman Seung, will be devoted to the development of Korea University and the KUBS Support for Business Startups for KUBS students. As a token of gratitude and honor, Startup Support Center will be named after Chairman Seung, and its construction is scheduled to be completed in September 2016. In addition, KUBS also has pledged to report the details of the usage of the funds on an annual basis in order to inform Dongwha Group of how the funds contribute to the school development and the students- the prospective global talents. This continued interactions will be formed between KUBS and the company in order to make an investment for students.   “As Dongwha Group carries out the principle of loving alma mater, KUBS will nurture talented individuals with creativity and challenge-driven,” said KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim. “We greatly appreciate the donation we received from Dongwha Group that puts business management into practice for society.”   Meanwhile, Chairman Seung has already donated a number of occasions totaling over 650 million KRW in the past, showing consistent love to his alma mater.  
Feb 11, 2016