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Professor Emeritus Ik-Soon Cho donates 29 artifacts to KUBS
Feb 18, 2016
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Professor Emeritus Ik-Soon Cho donates 29 artifacts to KUBS
Donated for professors and students to enjoy their social lives…△six earthenwares, △ten celadons, etc. will be exhibited in the faculty lounge
Professor Emeritus Ik-Soon Cho donated his artifacts to KUBS. The donation ceremony was held in the Dean’s Office on February 15 at 2:00 p.m. KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim, Associate Dean Hosun Rhim, Associate Dean Hojung Shin, Professor Seok Woo Jeong, and Assistant Manager Young Min Jeon from the Department Office of Business School were present in this ceremony.
Professor Emeritus Cho donated a total of his 29 artifacts, such as porcelains and celadons. The artifacts include △ six earthenwares, △ ten celadons, △ six Buncheong bowls (grayish-blue-powdered celadons), and △ seven Baekjas (white porcelains), and their manufacture dates and types vary. One of the artifacts, Buncheong Bowl with Stamped Chrysanthemum Design, was carved in the same stamp technique as Korea’s National Treasure No. 177, which is currently displayed at Korea University Museum. In addition, the patterns of two artifacts (Celadon Bowl with Inlaid Chrysanthemum Design and Celadon Bowl with Raised Peony Scroll Design) are precise and detailed, and those celadons are considered to be high-quality articles used by high-ranking officials from the Goryeo Dynasty.

(From left) Assistant Manager Young Min Jeon, Associate Dean Hosun Rhim, Professor Emeritus Ik-Soon Cho, Dean Dong-One Kim, Professor Seok Wook Jeong, Associate Dean Hojung Shin
“I have donated my artifacts for professors and students, who are worn-out from continuous research and studies, hoping to engage in a social life on campus,” said Professor Emeritus Cho. “I hope there will be more donations in the future for the development of KUBS.”
Meanwhile, the artifacts donated by Professor Emeritus Cho will be exhibited in the faculty lounge (Room 602) at LG-POSCO Building.