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The Story of Endless Donation Relay, the Love for KUBS
Feb 29, 2016
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The Story of Endless Donation Relay, the Love for KUBS
The continuous love for KUBS lives on. KUBS has been running its own scholarship program supported by the alumni demonstrating their love for KUBS students.
Alumnus Jyh Ping Chang (Business Administration, ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea Inc.
The signing ceremony for the Hyundai Motor Hall Development Fund by Jyh Ping Chang (Business Administration, ’79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, was held in the Dean’s Office of KUBS on December 2. Alumnus Jyh Ping Chang, Dean Dong-One Kim, and Professor Hicheon Kim were present at the ceremony. The 500 million won donated by Alumnus Chang will be used as the Development Fund for Hyundai Motor Hall. Alumnus Chang said, “I hope this donation contributes greatly to the development of my alma mater, as well as KUBS juniors.” At the same time, Alumnus Dae Jung Kim (Business Administration, ’79), CEO of Garak Construction, also made a 100 million won donation for the Development Fund of Hyundai Motor on December 28. The funds, contributed by Alumnus Kim, will be dedicated to build classrooms in order to nurture futures leaders of KUBS.
On December 4, the Entering Class of 1990 donated 167 million KRW at the KUBS Alumni Night.
The wholehearted support for KUBS students by each Entering Class is also noteworthy. In celebration of their 25th graduation anniversary, each Entering Class holds an annual fundraiser for scholarship at the KUBS Alumni Night. The Entering Class of 1990 delivered the scholarship worth 167 million won to KUBS during the KUBS Alumni Night held on December 4, 2015. As a result, current KUBS students now have a wider access to scholarship opportunities than ever before.

In celebration of 30th graduation anniversary, the Entering Class of 1986 donated 5,000,000 KRW for the development of KUBS.
The Entering Class of 1978 recently signed to donate 33.8 million won to KUBS. This donation will be devoted to the “KUBS Dream Scholarship” that provides support for living expenses. Also, celebrating the 30th graduation anniversary, the Entering Class of 1986 held an event titled “KUBS Entering Class of 1986 Alumni Night” with approximately 60 alumni participated in the event to deliver a 5 million won worth scholarship to KUBS. The Entering Class of 1986 has been donating the scholarship funds continuously since 2013.
The 12th Batch of Executive MBA (EMBA) Alumni Association contributed 30 million won for the KUBS Development Fund in celebration of the graduation. Junghwa Ahn, president of the 12th Batch of EMBA Alumni Association, said, “Carrying on the donating tradition of the EMBA Alumni Association upon their graduation, we, the 12th batch of EMBA graduates, believe this year is our turn to succeed its tradition and contribute with all our hearts as the new members of the association.” He added, “We hope such tradition will enable the steady ongoing development of our alma mater.”
KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim said in his speech, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all of all alumni individually, as well as all Entering Classes for the donation, dedicated to support the development of our students and the school itself. We will do our best to financially support the underprivileged students thanks to your donation and to ultimately support their academic performances.”