• LSOM (Logistics, Service and Operations Management)
    LSOM (Logistics, Service and Operations
    LSOM is an acronym for Decision Science attesting to the importance of decision making as a core are of competence for business leaders. The constant expansion and diversification of businesses in this rapidly changing environment is complicating the decision-making process, and it is imperative that decision-making be more systematic and scientific. Also called "OR" (operations research), the Decision Science course aims to help students recognize, identify and systematically approach a variety of decision problems, as well as generate, evaluate, and implement solutions. LSOM serves as a practical supporting tool for managers in improving the quality of decisions about the management of scarce resources.
    Major Required Courses: Introduction to Operations Management
    Major Elective Courses: Management Mathematics, Management Science, Service Operations Management, Strategic Demand and Revenue Management, Product and Process Development, Quality Management, Logistics Management, Operations Strategy, Purchasing & Supply Management