Hosun Rhim (임호순)

Room 619 in LG-POSCO Building
Tel. (02)3290-1912


  • Ph.D. in Operations & Technology Management, University of California, Los Angeles (1996.9)
  • M.A. in Operations Management, Seoul National University (1988.2)
  • B.A. in Business Administration, Seoul National University (1986.2)


  • Associate Dean, Korea University Present (2014 - Present)
  • Associate Professor, Korea University Business School (2002.3 - 2007.2)
  • Assistant Professor, Hanyang University Business School (2000.3 - 2002.2)
  • ​Lecturer, Hanyang University Business School (1997.3 - 2000.2)
  • Associat


  • Hosun Rhim and two authors, Response Time and Vendor-Assembler Relationship in a Supply Chain, European Journal of Operational Research, Forthcoming 
  • Hosun Rhim, Lee Cooper, Assessing Potential Threats to Incumbent Brands: New Product Positioning Under Price Competition in a Multi-segmented Market, International Journal of Marketing Research, August 2005 
  • Hosun Rhim, T. Ho, U. Karmarkar, Compeititive Location, Production, and Market Selection, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 149, Iss. 1, August 2003 



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