Program Overview
The KUBS Global Internship Program started in 1994 is the only international internship program among Korean universities. The program offers students four to eight weeks of internship training at multinational corporations (MNC) overseas. Each year, a lot of students have been undergoing on-the-job training and market research at global MNCs.
KUBS Global Internship Program provides opportunities for students to map out career paths by gaining hands-on experience, skills and knowledge working for MNCs. KUBS helps students with their careers through academic, professional and leadership training. This internship program will expose students to the training, mentoring and networking opportunities they need to facilitate the transition from school to full-time employment. The unpaid internship experience provides the opportunity to develop future goals and build invaluable professional and social networks in Korea. Internship students also have opportunity to live and work in major corporate settings specific to Korea. This overseas work experience allows students to earn resume credentials and recommendations for their careers.
Program Procedure
This procedure is subject to change depending on the school schedule.
Search for Partners
  • Distribute PR brochure
  • Determine the qualification in consultation with a company
  • Develop specific policies and procedures
Early May
Screening students
  • Assess personal qualifications with respect to companys requirements.
  • Intensive interview with a foreign professor
Mid May
Final evaluation
  • Forward nominees resume to a company
  • Nominees are called in for a final interview if necessary
  • The final selection of students is made by a company
Early June
Preparation for sending out
 All variations of the work schedule, travel fare and accommodation are set on prior to the start of internship
Late June ~ August
Internship training