---------------------------------------------    2017 Summer Application has been closed.    ---------------------------------------
Global Internship (For Undergraduate Students)
  • Period of Internship: During summer & winter semeter (Credit approval is available as well for the students who have obtained internship opportunity individually; Please refer to the 'Credit Approval' menu)
  • Selection Process:
Information Session
Successful Candidate
Departing Ceremony
Internship Training

Submitting Assignment

  • Candidate
Undergraduate Students majoring in Business Administration (Including Dual Degree, Double Major, Minor)
- Students whose first major is in Business Adminsitration have priority in selection process.
  • Selection Criteria
America/Europe/Asia (110 points) China (95points)
A. Paper review (45points)
   - Average GPA of most recent 2 semesters (25points)
   - Official English Test Score (15points)
   - Extra points for Extracurricular/In-school Activity
B. Interview (60points)
   - English Interview (30points)
   - Korean Interview (30points)
C. Extra Points on 'Area Study' Course (5points)
   - Students who took the Area Study 1 or 2 (5points)
A. Peper review (30points)
   - Average GPA of most recent 2 semesters (25points)
   - Extra points for Extracurricular/In-school Activity
B. Interview(60points)
   - Chinese Interview (30points)
   - Korean Interview (30points)
C. Extra Points on 'Area Study' Course (5points)
   - Students who took the Area Study(China) 1 or 2 (5points)
  •  Required Documentation for Application
    • Online Application form with Photo (3*4)
    • Original copy of Transcript (in Korean)
    • TOEFL, TOEIC or TEPS test score (original copy) : Only for the internship in America, Europe, Asia
    • Resume (both in Korean & English)
    • Self Introduction (in Korean)
    • Copy of passport 1st page
  • Expenses: Global Internship Program is basically unpaid internship. However, KUBS and several participating companies support part of expenses for students. Details might be different every year.
    - Airfare: Basically, students pay for the airfare. KUBS can support part of airfares for selected students attending the internship program depends on each year's budget condition.
    - Accommodation & Living Expenses: Basically, students should find housing by themselves and should cover living expenses. However, several participating companies offer standard accommodation and meals to the students.
    - Summer Course Tuition: The process or exemption of tuition is subject to change. Please refer to the notifications.
  • Qualification for application and application period can be changed every year. Please check updates every year.
  • Students who register for individual internships are not qualified for receiving KUBS Global Internship Airfare scholarships