Credit Approval of Global Internship Program during Summer/Winter
The Global Internship Program administered by KUBS is run during the summer and winter vacation. Students participating in the program can acquire three or six credits from the International Internship course (BUSS470, 471, 472) during the summer/winter session.

Tuition payment for the summer/winter session: Students on the program need to pay the tuition by the deadline.
Course registration: The International Office registers the BUSS462 course for those who have paid the tuition for the program. Therefore, students do not need to register for the course separately.
Submission of assignments after completion: The following documents should be submitted for credit recognition for the Summer Internship Program administered by KUBS, as well as any other internships that students organize themselves.
        - Required assignments (hard copies)
1. Daily work journal – one copy
2. Internship report – two copies
3. Writing about the internship experience – one copy 
4. Internship schedule – one copy (download the form)
5. A “Thank you” letter – one copy
* Write the letter by hand and in a formal style.
* Submit the letter in an envelope addressed to the recipient

        - Required assignments (electronic copies on a USB) 
1. Internship report
2. Writing about the internship experience  
3. At least 10 photos related to the internship
4. Internship schedule  
Grade reflection: The submitted internship report is evaluated by the professor managing the region of the internship and is reflected in the GPA in October/April in combination with the score for the daily work journal. These are scored on Pass/Fail base.
Evaluated Elements of the Program
Daily work journal Students write the journal during the internship period.
Post-evaluation from the internship company The internship company evaluates the student at the end of the internship.
Report Students submit a report on the company or the area of industry after the internship.
•Excellent reports are selected to be delivered as a presentation, magazine article, or daily newspaper article, thereby informing other students or the general public.
Credit Approval for Individual Internships (during Spring/Fall or Summer/Winter)

•Effective as of Fall 2017, previous BUSS462 International Internship Practice course curriculum has been revised to BUSS470, 471, 472 International Internship Practice I (3 credits), II (3 credits), and III (6 credits). The maximum of 12 credits or 6 credits can be registered for in Spring/Fall semeseter and Summer/Winter session, respectively, according to the length of the internship. 

•You can find the past information on the internship on "201X 경영대 국제인턴십" KU Portal Community. 

•For students who intend to participate in overseas internship programs and receive credits for the International Internship Practice course should apply before the internship and in advance to course registration period in order to receive the approval of the International Office. Submission of the listed assignments is required, including the daily work journal and report, at the end of the internship (Post-credit recognition for unauthorized individual overseas internship is not possible).

•Please refer to the application notification for individual internship credit approval uploaded at/before the beginning of each semester. 

•Application period for Spring/Fall semester:      Before leave/return application period
                                                                                 [Spring] Feb. 25 / [Fall] August 25
•Application period for Summer/Winter session: Before course registration add/drop period
                                                                                 [Summer] early June/[Winter]early December  

•Required documents for the approval of a global internship
o Application for Global Internship Approval (the form is available on the online application notification each semester) 
o Confirmation of internship admission by the host company
o Introductory material about the internship company
o Internship Agreement between Korea University, the internship company, and the student (Please contact KUBS International Office)

•For Summer/Winter course(s), after the approval of credit recognition, the follow-up process is the same as the one for the Global Internship Program administered by KUBS. 

Inquiries to
  • Staff: Ms. Yoon Young Kim
  • Office: International Office, Room 304, KUBS Main Building
    • Weekdays 9:00 ~ 5:30; Lunch 12:00 ~ 1:00; 1 hour shortened office hour during summer/winter
  • TEL: 02-3290-5363
  • EMAIL: