When Can I see my grade after internship?

Grade would be applied within October if you registered for the internship in summer semester. If you register the winter semester course, Grade would be applied within April. For spring/fall semester, the grade would be applied according to the regular academic calendar. 

Can I receive a certificate of career?

KUBS International Office will issue a certificate for those who requested.

Is there any required format for the assignment?

You can download it from the internship community in KUPID portal or KUBS homepage.

I already wrote a thank you card to my mentor. Do I have to write a thank you letter again for the assignment?

Yes. KUBS International Office will send a small gift with the student's letter of thanks even if students already sent the letter by themselves.

I obtained internship opportunity by myself for this semester. Can I apply for the International Internship Practice course?

Yes, If you obtained internship which will last at least 4 weeks, you are eligible to earn 3, 6, 9, or 12 credits as BUSS470, 471, 472 Internatinal Internship Practice courses. However, you need to submit the application form before the course registration period and get approval before you depart for your internship. Once you get back from the internship, you should submit required assignment for your grade.