Additional Recruitment for 2016 KUBS Global Internship
May 23, 2016
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Additional Recruitment for 2016 KUBS Global Internship
We are currently accepting additional applications for the Summer 2016 Global Internship from May 22 (Monday) to May 31 (Tuesday) 5:00 PM. The program allows students to experience hands-on training, as well as earning 3 credit hours. 
Students MUST join the KUPID Portal Community “2016 경영대 국제인턴십” in order to view related announcements.
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For those who wish to participate in the global internship program on their own and to be granted 3 credits of “International Internship Practice (BUSS462)”, please refer to the relevant announcement.

- Schedule  
May 23 (Mon) – May 31 (Tue)
Application Submssion for Global Internship and other supporting document submission (apply online)
Apply online, then submit hardcopies to KUBS International Office
June 2 - 3       (Thu - Fri)
Interview (Korea, English, Chinese)
June 4 (Sat)
Final Announcement & E-mail Confirmation for Participating in Global Internship
Announcement via Portal Community
* Please note that the schedule above is subject to change.
New updates and changes will be posted through the Noticeboard on Portal Community.

 Recruiting Companies (Please refer to Experience Report of previous participants)
LG Electronics India (Uttar Pradesh, India)
Marketing Team
Asosiasi Korea Indonesian & Korean Culture Study (Indonesia)
Researcher (translation, creating PowerPoint materials etc.)
Prima Group (California, USA
Law & Finance Group - Secretary position, legal duties, managing clients information
LG Electronics Canada (Ontario, Canada)
HR, Supply Chain Management, Finance
Nemo Partners  (Beijin, China)
Consulting, research, and drafting reports
HS Ad (Beijing, China)
Digital Business Team (Marketing & Advertisement) and Finance Team
*Chinese language skill is required for the positions in China. Please refer to the detailed information on the Portal Community.  

Possible Number of Host Company Request
  • Students may apply for up to three (3) companies (the company list will be posted on the portal community)
Internship Period
  • During summer; 4 to 8 weeks (the schedule is flexible depending on the company)
How to Apply
  • Online Application ☜ Click left to apply online and then submit hardcopies to the KUBS International Office
Contact Us
  • Arie Kim
    KUBS International Office
    Tel: 02) 3290-536