Credit Approval Guideline for 2016 International Internship Practice
May 03, 2016
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Students may receive academic credit (3 credits) for global internship programs during summer 2016. Please refer to the guideline for detailed information.
1. Eligibility
- Students majoring in Business Administration (dual degree students included)
- Credit approval for double majors, minors, undeclared majors in Business Administration will be determined through the approval process.

- Students in different majors and students on their last semester are not eligible to apply.  

2. Required Documents for International Internship Practice (Internships must be approved in advance of the start of the internship)
- International Internship Approval Form (See attached file)
- Internship Offer Letter
- Company Description

3. Credit Approval
- For academic credit approval, students must submit assignment and pay for summer session tuition
- Payment deadline and payment information will be announced after done applying for the approval.
- After completing internship program, daily work journal, report, etc. must be submitted.

List of Assignments
1. Two copies of reports
2. One copy of daily work journal
3. One copy of experience report
4. One copy of internship schedule
5. Thank you letter
6. 10 internship photos (Soft Copy)
* All assignments must be submitted in 2 weeks from your arrival date (deadline will be announced)
* forms and other information (tuition for summer session) will be announced on the Noticeboard of Community.
* Students must join the “2016 경영대 국제인턴십” on Community and check notices
Internship will be graded A+~F, not P/F
4. Application Deadline: June 3 (Fri); 16:00, submit required documents stated on the (2) via e-mail