Credit Approval Guidelines for Winter 2016 International Internship Practice
Oct 06, 2016
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Students may receive academic credit (3 credits: BUSS 462 International Internship Practice) for global internship during Winter 2016. Please join the “KUBS Global Internship Community” on KUPID for further details and announcements [ > Community > Type “2016 경영대 국제인턴십” into the search bar].

1. Eligibility 
  • Students majoring in Business Administration in their 3rd or 4th year (Dual Degree, Double Major, Minor, Undeclared Majors in Business Administration included)
  • Students in non-business major or in their final semester are not eligible to apply.
  • Students who are offered an intern position overseas for more than 4 weeks in length during winter
  • Students who have taken (or will take) Gender Equality Education and Business Etiquette Education provided by KUBS Career Hub in 2016
2. How to Apply
  • Pre-Approval – Submit required documents (Due on December 5 (Mon))
  • Pre-departure Orientation Session – safety education and other important notice (further details will be announced on the Portal Community)
  • Internship practice and assignment
  • Assignment submission (further details will be announced on the Portal Community)
3. Required Documents for Pre-Approval (submit via email)
  • International Internship Approval Form (Attached) 
  • Internship Offer Letter
  • Company Information
  • KUBS Internship Agreement – Company’s signature required (contact KUBS International Office to receive the agreement form: or 02-3290-5361; #304 in KUBS Main Building)
 4. Other Required Documents for Pre-departure Orientation Session (submitted in hardcopy) – early submission accepted 
  • 국제현장실습 학점인정 사전승인서- Pre-approval Form for Credit Approval (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실”)
  • 개인정보수집이용 및 제3자제공 동의서- Personal Information Collection and Provision to Third-Party Consent Form (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실”
  • 서약서 – Letter of Oath (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실”
  • 보호자동의서- Parental Consent Form (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실”
  • Copy of Flight E-Ticket and Insurance Card
5. Credit Approval
  • For academic credit approval, students must submit their assignment. The tuition for the winter term and further information will be announced later.
  • After completing the internship program, daily work journal, report, etc. must be submitted.
  • Grade will be recorded in a letter grade (A+ through F), not on a pass/fail basis. If assignments are not submitted after the internship, a grade of “D” will be given.
    • Report (within 10 pages) - 60%, Performance Evaluation by Company - 20%, and Daily Work Journal - 20% will be reflected toward the grade.
List of Assignments
1. Daily work Journal and Internship Schedule (will be handed out by KUBS International Office) - at least 20 days required (weekends excluded)
2. Two copies of the Report
3. Experience Report
4. Thank you letter written by hand
5. 10 photos of the internship program (softcopy) 
* All assignments must be submitted in 2 weeks from your arrival date (the deadline will be announced).
* Please submit a softcopy of the internship schedule, report, experience report, internship photos by USB.
* Other forms and information (tuition for winter term) will be announced on the Portal Community.
* Students must join the “2016 경영대 국제인턴십” available on the Portal Community and regularly check notices.
 - Internship will be recorded in a letter grade (A+ through F), not on a P/F basis.

6. Application Deadline: 
- December 5 (Mon); 4:00 PM; Please submit required documents listed in #3 via email below

7. Inquiries:
- Arie Kim from KUBS International Office
- #304 in KUBS Main Building
- Phone: 02-3290-5361
- Email: