[Undergraduate] Credit Approval Guidelines for Summer 2018 International Internship Practice (Revised 2017-2)
Mar 20, 2018
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Credit Approval Guidelines for Summer 2018 International Internship Practice
(Revised 2017-2)
Due to curriculum revision of the internship practice course in Fall 2017, students may receive academic credits up to 12 credits (up to 6 credits for summer/winter course) during the regular semester as well as the summer/winter. Please join the “KUBS Global Internship Community” on KUPID for further details and announcements [portal.korea.ac.kr > Community > Type “2018 경영대 국제인턴십” into the search bar].

From 2018-2, non-intensive business major students (double degree, undeclared majors, etc.) can receive up to 6 credits towards the graduation requirement. Participants are eligible for free flight tickets sponsored by LINC Plus Project Group, after the completion of course registration (payments on tickets must be made by the University, restrictions may apply.)
1. Application Deadline:
Students must submit their applications as soon as their internship positions have been confirmed.
• At least a week before the Summer session course registration period:
once your internship position has been confirmed, please send required documents listed in #4 via email below, and submit a hard copy by visit or post to KUBS international office.
2. Eligibility
Students majoring in Business Administration in their 3rd or 4th year (Dual Degree, Double Major, Undeclared Majors in Business Administration included)
   ◦ However, exceptions can be made through approval from International Office.
Students in non-business major are not eligible to apply. (For summer/winter course, the students in their final semester cannot apply.)
Students who are offered an intern position overseas for more than 4 weeks(160hours) in length during the semester of application
Only up to 12 internship credits in total, including other internship practice courses at KU, can be approved
   ◦ FYI) From Fall 2018, non-intensive business major students can get up to 6 credits approved for their internship.  
3. Overall Credit Approval Process
• Application for Pre-approval: By Friday a week before the Summer session course registration period
   ◦ Internship credit approval applications will be assessed by the Associate Dean for the decision.
   ◦ Students are advised to register for another course prior to the application outcome, in case the application may NOT be approved.

Course Registration – International Office will be in charge of the registration
Pay tuition for the course until the notified due date by Korea University
Pre-departure Orientation Session – Required document submission, safety education and other important notice (Attendance required; further details will be announced on the Portal Community)
Internship (Work hard and Do the assignments)
A ssignment submission (due dates will be announced on the Portal Community)
  * Please make sure to sign up for “KUBS Global Internship Community” on the Portal. The University cannot take responsibility for any information you miss due to not using your student Portal.
4. Required Documents for Pre-Approval (submit via email, must be done before the internship)
International Internship Approval Form (Attached)
Internship Offer Letter and Business Registration Certificate
Company & Job Description (must include weekly internship schedule)
KUBS Internship Agreement – Student’s & Company’s signature required (contact KUBS International Office to receive the agreement form: kubs_intern@hotmail.com or 02-3290-5362; #304 at KUBS Main Building)
5. Other Required Documents for Pre-departure Orientation Session (submitted in hardcopy) – early submission accepted
국제현장실습 학점인정 사전승인서 - Pre-approval Form for Credit Approval (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실”)
개인정보수집이용 3자제공 동의서 - Personal Information Collection and Provision to Third-Party Consent Form (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실
서약서 - Letter of Oath (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실
보호자동의서  - Parental Consent Form (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실
Copy of Flight E-Ticket and Insurance Card (Business major students may receive airfare support from LINC+ Project Group. Any inquiries should be made to the KUBS International Office BEFORE purchasing flight tickets)

6. Credit Approval
Course Title (Up to 12 credit can be approved according to the internship period in mixture of the courses below)
   ◦BUSS470 International Internship Practice I (3 credits)
International Internship Practice II (3 credits)
International Internship Practice III(6 credits)
   ◦FYI, from Fall 2018, non-intensive business majors can receive up to 6 credits towards their graduation

Internship period and respective credits
Eligible Credits Full-time Internship Part-time Internship
3 credits From 4 weeks to under 8 weeks From 160 hrs to under 320 hrs
6 credits From 8 weeks to under 12 weeks From 320 hrs to under 480 hrs
9 credits From 12 weeks to under 16 weeks From 480 hrs to under 640 hrs
12 credits From 16 weeks to under 20 weeks From 640 hrs to under 800 hrs

Credits will be approved for internships undertaken between June 22 – August 31 (the relevant documents must be filled in accordingly).
For academic credit approval, students must submit their assignment and the tuition has to be paid.
Pre-approval is required before starting the internship and assignments - daily work journal, report, etc. - must be submitted after completing the internship program. (Due dates will be announced)
Grade will be recorded in Pass or Fail (P/F). If assignments are not submitted after the internship, you will be awarded a “F” grade.
   ◦Report (within 10 pages) - 60%, Performance Evaluation by Company - 20%, and Daily Work Journal - 20% will be reflected toward the grade. 

List of Assignments (deadline: September 7th (Fri))
1. Daily work Journal and Internship Schedule (will be handed out by KUBS International Office) - at least 20 days required (weekends excluded) After the first month of internship, students may fill in their work journals on a weekly basis.
2. Two copies of the Report (Past reports are available for view at the International Office)  - (To receive 9 credits or higher: Final reports must include a mid-term report handed in within the first two months of the internship that outline the topic along with its feedback. )
Experience Report (Template given in Portal Community’s “양식자료실”)
4. A hand-written ‘Thank you’ letter
5. 10 photos of the internship program (softcopy) 

 * Please submit a softcopy of the internship schedule, report, experience report, internship photos by USB.
 *After submitting the assignments, students must hand in "학점인정신청서(Final Credit Approval Application)" and Survey Questionnaire provided by International Office.
 * Other forms and information will be announced on the Portal Community.
 * All assignments must be submitted before the due date (the deadline will be announced). 
7. Inquiries:

Arie Kim (Global Internship Manager), KUBS International Office, #304 at KUBS Main Building
Phone: 02-3290-5362
• Email: kubs_intern@hotmail.com