[Undergraduate] Summer 2018 Global Internship Application (3/28-4/13)
Mar 20, 2018
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[Undergraduate] Summer 2018 Global Internship Application (3/28-4/13)
  • The application period for Summer 2018 Global Internship is from March 28 to April 13 until 4:00 PM.
  • Students MUST join the KUPID Portal Community “2018 경영대 국제인턴십” in order to check any updates.
  • For those who wish to participate in the global internship program on their own and to be granted 3~6 credits of “International Internship Practice (BUSS470, 471, and 472)”, please refer to the relevant notice.
  • For further information of the program, please visit the KUBS website → Program → International Programs → Global Internship: https://biz.korea.ac.kr/en/international/global-internship

1. Schedule (the schedule is subject to change)
March 28 (Wed)
Global Internship Information Session
6:00 ~ 7:00 PM, B307 at Hyundai Motor Hall
April 2 (Mon)
Announcement of List of Internship Available Companies(First Round)
Announced on Portal Community
March 28 (Wed) -
April 13 (Fri)
Application for Global Internship and document submissions (apply online)
Online Application and Hardcopy Submission to the International Office
May 3 (Thu) ~
May 4 (Fri)
Interview (Korea, English, Chinese)
May 7 (Mon)
Sign-up for preferred company
Submit the company list via email
May 11 (Fri)
First Announcement
Announcement via Portal Community and email
May 18 (Fri)
Final Announcement
Announcement via Portal Community and email
* Please note that the schedule above is subject to change.
New updates and changes will be announced on the Notice board on Portal Community.

2. Eligibility
1) 3rd year or higher students at KUBS (as of Summer Session 2018)
2) Students whose last semester is either Spring 2018 or Summer session 2018 are not eligible to apply
3) Double Majors or Minors in Business Administration are eligible to apply (Selection Priority is given to 1st major and dual degree students)

America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Hong Kong
China (Hong Kong excluded)
​ Eligibility: KUBS students (double majors & minors included)
Priority for an internship goes to Business as 1st major students (dual degree included)
​ Eligibility: KUBS students (Double majors and minors included)
Priority for an internship goes to Business as 1st major students (dual degree included)
Evaluation Criteria
​ GPA of two most recent semesters
​ English Proficiency Test Score
​ English Interview
​ Korean Interview
​ Extra points for those who have completed “Regional Studies” of the desired country
​ Extra points for activities and previous work experience
​ GPA of two most recent semesters
​ Chinese Interview (Exemption ceased)
Exemption from Chinese Interview: New HSK Level 5 or higher; or students who are double majoring in Chinese Language and Literature
​ Korean Interview
​ Extra points for those who have completed “Regional Studies 1,” “Regional Studies 2,” or “China Business and Management in the Global Context”
​ Extra points for activities and previous work experience

3. Selection Process: A combined score of application and interview

1) Application submission (March 28 ~ April 13)
2) Korean, English, and Chinese interviews (May 3 ~ May 4)
3) Applications to preferred companies (the company list will be posted on the portal community) (May 4 ~ May 7)
4) Shortlisted applicants will be selected based on the total points and other qualifications asked by companies (May 18)
5) Internship Period: June 22, 2018 ~ August 31, 2018; 4 to 8 weeks (the period is flexible depending on the company)

4. How to Apply 
​ Application Period: March 28 (Wed) ~ April 13 (Fri); 4:00 PM 

(1) Application Submission (submit hard copies to the KUBS International Office after online application)
  • 2 copies of Global Internship application forms with the attachment of a 3*4 sized photo – Fill out details online
  • 2 copies of Korean and English resumes (4 copies in total) – online attachment required
       ► Write down your overall GPA and English Proficiency Test Score
       ► Refer to the Portal Community “2018 경영대 국제인턴십” > “양식자료실” > “이력서참고양식” 
  • 2 copies of personal statements in Korean (upload on the online application)
    Your personal statement should include a brief description of yourself, why you are applying for the internship program in your chosen country, your plans and ambitions as an intern, etc. You should not put your personal information, such as family and school. Clarify the reasons why you are interested in the company as well as what you want to achieve. Embrace everything with your future plan/goals (word limit: one page).
  • 1 copy of official transcript in Korean (upload a scanned copy, and submit the original AND a photocopy to the International Office)
  • 1 copy of official language test score (TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, HSK) (upload a scanned copy, and submit the original AND a photocopy to the International Office)
        ► Acceptable English proficiency Exams: official TOEFL, TOEIC or TEPS scores only,
              you may submit a photocopy of your result for languages other than English or Chinese.
        ► The expiry date of your result must be later than the application deadline.
              Otherwise, the exam result will not be considered valid.

        ► It is not compulsory to have an official language test score, however, there may be a disadvantage
              if not provided.
  • A copy of your passport
        ► Your passport must have at least 6 months left until the expiration date (upload a scanned file online)
  • Original copies of proofs of your work experience/ extracurricular activities specified on your resume
(1) Title of your attachments must be “Name_Student Number_Document Title (Example: John Smith_2013120326_영문이력서)
(2) Submit 2 hard copies of attached documents to the KUBS International Officer after completing online application.
(3) Deadline for Online Application and Hard Copy Submission: by April 13 (Fri); 4:00 PM prompt
(4) If you are applying for an internship at a foreign company, they may request for additional documents. In such case please send your soft copies (i.e., English cover letter and English transcript) via e-mail at kubs_intern@hotmail.com.
(5) You may be asked to submit additional documents. Please refer to the format provided by the company (Example: reasons for applying, personal statement, etc.)

5. Notes
  • If you are applying for a company in China, English Proficiency Test Score is not required (If you apply for companies outside China as well, you must submit your English Proficiency Test Score and attend an English interview).
  • Students who will be graduating after Spring semester 2018 or Summer session cannot apply for the internship practice.
  • Applying for 3 or 6 credits of “International Internship Practice” - Your credits will be determined based on your internship period (this cannot be changed after your internship is confirmed)
  • Students who have canceled the internship program after the company assignment can reapply; however, they may be place in the next preferred list for internship or not be able to get an internship opportunity at all.
  • Students who fail to submit their assignments after completing internship will receive an F grade in “International Internship Practice”.
  • Students who damage the reputation of the company, alumni association, and school with unauthorized behavior may receive an F.
  • Reapplying students will come as a second priority.
  • After the selection process, successful applicants must attend an orientation, KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette, and a pre-departure ceremony on May and June, before they leave for internship. 

[KUBS Global Internship Program Guidance]
Apply online and submit your documents to KUBS International Office
Website:  https://biz.korea.ac.kr/en/international/global-internship

Information Session <March 28 (Wed) 6:00 PM, Hyundai Motor Hall B307>

[Number of Companies to Apply to]
 There is no limit in the number of companies you can make applications to. However, please submit a wish list with your preferences indicated (List of companies will be posted on the portal community).
[Internship Period]

June 22, 2018 ~ August 31, 2018; 4 to 8 weeks (the schedule is flexible depending on the company)

[How to Apply]
Complete an online application, AND submit hard copies of required documents to the International Office


Contact Us
Arie Kim
KUBS International Office
Room 304 (9:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM; Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00 PM)
Tel: 02) 3290-5362
Email: kubs_intern@hotmail.com