Student Exchange Program

To nurture global talent, KUBS operates its own exchange student program separate from the one run by KU. Under the program, KUBS exchanges undergraduate and graduate students with foreign business schools, by both recommending KU students and approving the admission of foreign students who meet the qualifications required for exchange students. Exchange students are selected early in the semester, and some 180 students are dispatched by KUBS each year. As of 2018, KUBS has signed exchange student agreements with 120 universities in 33 counties, with new schools continually added.

•Credit recognition and time efficiency

During their time at a foreign school, exchange students can maintain their KU studentship, and their acquired credits are acknowledged by KU, which allows them to save time compared to other overseas studying programs. 
•Cost effectiveness

As exchange students pay tuition only to KU under the exchange program agreement, they can save costs compared to other overseas studying programs such as the Visiting Student Program, for which they have to pay tuition to the visiting school.
•Nurturing a global perspective

Exchange students take lectures and communicate with foreign students at overseas universities, experiencing diverse cultures and broadening their horizons.

Conditions for scholarship payment (undergraduate students)
Exchange students  Round-trip airfare (up to KRW 2 million)
  * Beneficiaries are selected based on their family situation.
  * KUBS scholarship recipients who are involved in an exchange program are awarded with scholarships during their study at a foreign school based on their academic grades for the semester before the exchange program.
  * Because all scholarship programs differ in their payment standards, scholarship recipients involved in exchange programs need to contact the scholarship department before leaving for the foreign school.

Contact: Inhyang Lim / 02-3290-1389 /