1. Arrival Guide
Arrival Guide
Orientation for Exchange Students Orientation is MANDATORY for all incoming exchange students.
Ÿ Fall Semester: a week before the semester starts in August
Ÿ Spring Semester: a week before the semester starts in February
* Specific dates to be announced.
Airport Pick-up Service Before the first day of the orientation in August (for fall) and in February (for spring), airport pick-up service is provided for students who are staying at either the KU on-campus accommodation or the off-campus housing options around the campus.
Those who would like to apply for this service MUST submit the online request form at http://oia.korea.ac.kr > Exchange/Visiting > Requests > Airport Pickup.
* Specific dates to be announced. (Usually around the weekend before orientation)
Recommended Arrival Date On-campus Accommodation Move-in Date
Ÿ Fall Semester: the same date as the airport pick-up service in August
Ÿ Spring Semester: the same date as the airport pick-up service in February
On-campus Accommodation Move-out Date
Ÿ Fall Semester: Sunday right after the finals week
Ÿ Spring Semester: Sunday right after the finals week
However, unlike the on-campus dormitory, there are no official check-in/out dates for off-campus housing, as the rental fee is calculated according to the date the student moves in.
How to Get to KUBS Those who are not able to use the KU airport pick-up service on the official dates or are coming to visit KUBS for non-academic purposes will need to arrange their own means of transportation.
Ÿ Airport Help Center: http://www.airhelp.co.kr
Ÿ By public transportation: http://oia.korea.ac.kr > Introduction > Visit KU > Transportation
2. Living Expenses
Estimated Living Expenses in Seoul
Tuition Fee Waived at the host institution; paid only to the student’s home institution
On-campus Accommodation KRW 880,000 ~ KRW 2,000,000 (4 months)
Off-campus Accommodation KRW 450,000 ~ 600,000 per month
Food/Meals Approx. KRW 400,000 per month
Local Transportation Approx. KRW 80,000 per month
Academic Expenses Approx. KRW 200,000 per semester (mainly textbooks)
Personal Expenses Approx. KRW 200,000 per month but may vary
3. Student Services
Student Services
Korea University Buddy Assistants (KUBA) KUBA is a buddy matching program that connects incoming exchange students with KU domestic students. International students will have the opportunity to experience and participate in KU's events and learn about Korean culture while building strong friendships with their buddies. All exchange students will be assigned a KUBA buddy by default.
KUBS Buddy Program (Undergraduate) KUBS Buddy is a KUBS student organization specifically designed to help KUBS exchange undergraduate students adjust to KUBS life and advise in course selections. KUBS exchange students will join the KUBS Buddy program without an application.
Campus Facilities Library, Ladies’ Lounge, Computer Lab, Fitness Club, Bookstore, Print Shop, Post Office, Stationery, Bank, ATMs, Cafeteria, Restaurant, Mobile Shop, Hair Salon, Convenience Store
4. Activities & Events
Activities & Events
Seoul City Tour August February A sightseeing tour to famous places in Seoul
Beginning-of-Semester Party September March A welcoming event for international students
Annual Korea University
Yonsei University Sporting Event
September A sporting event between Korea University and Yonsei University
University Festival (Ipselenti) May KU’s annual school festival
International Students Festival November A great opportunity for international students to introduce their culture to KU students
Farewell Ceremony December June A moment to reminisce about all the memories shared during the semester (specific schedule may be adjusted)