1. Admissions Guide (Application, Eligibility, Document Submission)
Executive MBA Admission Process

* Application Calendar
October(beginning) : Information Session
October-November(mid) : Applications (Online Application & Application Materials Submission)
November(end)-December(beginning) : Admission Interview & Notice of Acceptance

* Number of Students to be admitted (Quota)
Once a year, approximately 50 students

* Admission Process
Evaluation of Application (Screening) & Admission Interview

* Eligibility (Applicants must meet all of the requirements below) 
  ①  Graduates from four-year domestic & overseas regular universities
       (Prospective graduate in February)
  ②  Employees of more than ten full years (From the scheduled date of admission)
  ③  Above senior management position in enterprises/corporations & institutions
  ④  Those who submit a
 signed statement of a sponsorship from a company or an organization

* Mandatory Documents

  ① Application form 1 copy
      (The application form must be printed with an attached photo after the online application)
  ② Self-Introduction (The document must be printed after the online application) 1 copy
  ③ Recommendation Letter
      (Applicants must use a prescribed form of Korea University Business School) 1 copy
  ④ Certificate of Graduation (Prospective) from University (Graduate School) 1 copy
  ⑤ Official University (Graduate School) Transcript 1 copy
  ⑥ Certificate of employment • career 1 copy
      (The period of employment must be specified to prove the entire years of work experience)
A signed statement of a sponsorship from a company or an organization (in a prescribed form of School) 1 copy
  ⑧ 1 Photo (3×4cm)
►This should be attached on the test verification slip•application form, apart from the jpg file attached when completing the application form.

Please refer to the Admissions Guide on the website, and contact for further information.

2. Tuition Fees Guide
Please call or send an email for further information about tuition.

Executive MBA Contact
Tel. 02 3290 2705

E-mail. yunjung@korea.ac.kr

3. Academic Calendar & Class Hour Schedule
* Academic Calendar

February (mid-end) : Orientation
March (Spring Semester begins) - June (mid) : 1,3 semester
June (end) - August (end) : Summer Vacation
June (end) - July (beginning) : Overseas Study Session
July (end) - August (beginning) : Summer Session
September (Fall Semester begins) - December (mid) : 2,4 semester
December (end) - February (end) : Winter Vacation
January (mid) : Overseas Study Session

* Class Hour Schedule
Regular Class: Friday 15:00-19:00(4 hours) / Saturday 09:00-18:00(8 hours)
English (Elective) : Friday 10:00-15:00(4 hours)
4. Difference between Executive MBA and other MBA programs
The difference between Executive MBA and Korea MBA(Evening Class) is as follows.

① Eligibility & Quota

Korea MBA is a general MBA course for those who have professional work experiences of more than 2-3 years.
Executive MBA is an MBA course for senior managers who have professional work experiences of more than 10 years.
While Korea MBA course offers an opportunity to interact with more various people (approximately 150 students), Executive MBA course offers an opportunity to have a deeper interaction with people (approximately 50-60 students) since students take classes of entirely the same curriculum for 4 semesters.

② Class Operations

Korea MBA adopts the semester system.
3-4 courses per semester.
About 14-week class.
7 p.m. - 10 p.m. on weekdays.
Completion of 45 credits(Relatively various elective course)

Executive MBA program is operated based on Module system within the semester system
(One course for every two weeks).
5-6 courses per semester.
Friday afternoon, full-time on Saturday.
Completion of 45 credits (A fixed curriculum will be run.)

Please refer to the website below, or contact for further information.

Introduction of program :  http://biz.korea.ac.kr/en/mba/executive-mba
Reference Room : http://biz.korea.ac.kr/en/mba/executive-mba/admission