Features & Benefits

“The Finance MBA is a two-year, evening program and requires a minimum of 45 credit hours within four semesters to earn an MBA degree.”

The Finance MBA aims to educate and train the next generation of leaders specialized in the field of finance.
The program offers specialized expertise in finance and management theory related to financial institutions.
Finance MBA Program Features
Balance between Theory and Practice
Ÿ FMBA offers a professional curriculum applicable to the business field
Ÿ Finance-related basic theory courses are taught by full-time professors
Ÿ Finance experts take part in practicum and professional courses

Emphasis on Ethics in Finance
Ÿ Financial Code of Ethics

Close Cooperation in Finance-related Sectors
Ÿ Maintains close cooperative relations with the fields required for financial education, such as Economics, Mathematics, and Law.

Independent Studies 
Ÿ Independent Study is a small-sized management consulting program that finds solutions to managerial issues raised by a company.
Ÿ The purpose of the study is to enhance the ability to apply knowledge and experience in a real-company company through courses.