[MBA & Graduate School] SCB Future Leader Challenge 2017
SCB Future Leader Challenge 2017 The Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration will be hosting the 4th SCB Future Leader Challenge with the support of Siam Commercial Bank, which is the largest bank in Thailand. For those interested in the case competition, please see the information below. 1. Overview   ⑴ Competition: SCB Future Leader Challenge 2017   ⑵ Purpose: - To provide a practical learning platform by using dynamic business case issue faced in the real world. - To promote a strong and long term relationship between academic world (universities) and industries. - To promote cross-cultural exchange and Thailand tourism industry.   ⑶ Organizers: - Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn Univeristy and Siam Commercial Bank   ⑷ Team Compositions: - Participants must form a team of four members. - Team members must be currently enrolled master’s degree students, or a combination of up to one alumnus (graduated within the past two years from the registration deadline).   ⑸ Fees: - No registration fee - Accommodation and meals will be covered by the organizers - KUBS will provide airfare to 1 team from MBA programs and 1 team from Graduate School   ⑹ Registration - Registration Deadline: March 21, 2017 (Tue) - How to Register: Click the link below to register your team and then email your team information to 2. Awards   ⑴ Monetary Awards   Award Amount SCBFLC’s Award USD 6,500 Cash Prize USD 3,250 Cash Prize for Winner’s Institute USD 1,300   ⑵ Benefits - Participants will get a chance to win a total cash prize of 6,500 USD and job opportunity with the Siam Commercial Bank in management associate program.   3. Upcoming Schedule    Date Schedule March 21, 2017 Team Registration Deadline March 23, 2017 Preliminary Round, Case upload March 29, 2017 Preliminary Round, Analysis and Recommendation Submission April 28, 2017 Announcement of 12 teams moving on to the Semi-final Round June 20 – 24, 2017 Semi-final & Final Round, Bangkok, Thailand     ※ Visit the teaser at or trailer at  4. Contact Us    KUBS International Office Case Competition Manager Jenny Chang  Tel. 02-3290-5361 Email.   For further information of the competition, please visit the SCBFLC website at
Mar 09, 2017
# 3228
NEW Course Registration for Spring 2017 KUBS MBA Graduate Renaissance Program
Korea University Business School runs “MBA Graduate Renaissance Program” to maintain the competitiveness of MBA graduates living in the rapidly changing global business environment. Any KUBS MBA graduate can register for major elective courses provided by Korea MBA Program. A certificate of completion will be given based on attendance and assignment. Your interest and participation are greatly appreciated.   1. Course Registration • Courses: Major elective courses offered by Korea MBA (see the attached schedule below) • Course Registration Period: February 14, 2017 (Tue) – February 15, 2017 (Wed); 10:00 – 16:30 • How to Register: [] (opens on February 15 (Wed); 10:00) • Class Size: 5 students per course (first-come-first-served basis) • Results: The results will be announced individually on February 16 (Thu) (when registering, please write your cell phone number and email; those who have been successfully registered will receive registration guidelines) (If there are more than 5 applicants, up to 10 applicants will be added to the waitlist. We will contact the wait-listed applicants if a registered applicant cancels the course).   ※ Those who have registered for the same course twice will be finalized with their last registration (e.g. If the same course has been added to the 1st and 6th list, you will be considered as 6th applicant and be on the waitlist; thus, please click one time). 2. How to Check Course Syllabus (you may see courses without logging in) → Course → Graduate School Courses → Year/Semester: 2017/Spring, Department: Graduate School of Business Administration, Program: Korea MBA → Click the “Course No.” to see the course syllabus   3. Academic Period • March 2, 2017 (Thu) – June 21, 2017 (Wed)   4. Issuance of Certificate of Completion • The certificate will be given to those who meet the requirements below and receive a grade of B or better (those who requested only). • Those who do not meet the requirements below will fail the corresponding course and cannot receive a certificate. - At least 80% attendance - Participation in team projects and midterm/final exams - Those who do not attend 80% of class meetings will be restricted to register for courses in the future ■ Contact Us: Administrative Office of MBA Programs ☎ 02-3290-1367,1360  
Feb 03, 2017
# 3190
NEW [Korea University Child Care Center] Application for Enrollment
Greetings. On September 1, Korea University has launched Korea University Child Care Center in order to improve the childcare options and welfare of faculty and staff. Over the past three months, the operation of the center has become stabilized by improving childcare programs and expanding facilities. Thus, the services are now extended to graduate students who have children as well. Those interested can apply for Korea University Child Care Center. Please see below for details of Korea University Child Care Center with excellent childcare staff and facilities. <Overview of Korea University Child Care Center> 1. Location: 3F, MT 1-92, Anam-ro 5-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 2. Enrollment Capacity: 47 children (1 year old: 10, 2 years old: 14, 3-4 years old: 23) * Enrollment Capacity for Graduate Students: 7 students (1 year old: 1 (born in 2014), 2 years old: 2 (born in 2013), 3 years old: 4 (born in 2011-2012) However, if the number of applicants (or people in the waiting list) exceeds the total enrollment capacity, the capacity of each priority will be applied. Enrollment Priority First: Faculty and staff who are not at College of Science and College of Health Science Second: Full-time faculty at College of Science and College of Health Science Third: Graduate students   3. Area: 403.6㎡ 4. Tuition & Fees: Free   5. Hours of Operation: Weekdays 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM   6. Contact Us: KU Child Care Center Director Misook Kim (Phone: 02-3290-1793~4, Email: 7. How to Apply: Complete the attached file below and send it to or visit the website for online application. 8. Eligibility: All graduate students 9. KU Child Care Center Website: * Although the child care center is on a first-come-first-served basis, the order may change due to enrollment priority. Thus, the center will collect all applications for 2 weeks, then check whether enrollment priority has been fulfilled and select the final clients.  
Nov 28, 2016
# 3137
! Korea University Attending “QS World MBA Tour Seoul”
Korea University Attending “QS World MBA Tour Seoul” The biggest MBA fair, an opportunity to meet with MBA admissions officers from top business schools around the world     Korea University Business School (MBA) will be attending “QS World MBA Tour Seoul,” hosted by QS (a company that produces university rankings) on October 27 (Thu) from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The event will be held at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and is free of charge. Attendees have an opportunity to meet with MBA admissions officers from over 35 business schools around the world. Aside from KUBS MBA, over 30 business schools, including Oxford Saïd, Michigan-Ross, and Washington-Olin and many more, from Korea, USA, Europe, and Asia are joining the tour. The event consists of a variety of programs, such as presentations and information sessions by MBA admissions officers from world’s top business schools, GMAT seminars, Q&A sessions with MBA alumni, and networking sessions. The fair attendees are also eligible to apply for exclusive QS scholarships worth US $1.7 million. A QS Career Guide will be distributed as well.   Korea University Business School will introduce two programs which are S³ Asia MBA and GMBA (CEMS MIM). Participants can speak directly with admission directors and receive advice on MBA admissions strategy. Souvenirs will be given to attendees as well.   Click the link below for further information.   Register Now ▶
Oct 12, 2016
MBA Academic
# 3096
ATTN 2nd Semester, 2014 Korea MBA Revised Class Schedule (Aug 21, 2014) Revision
Enclosed herewith please find the 2nd Semester, 2014 Korea MBA Class Schedule.(Aug 21, 2014) Be sure to check the changes in the class schedule. * 강의실 변경 : 토요일 KMB 638 비즈니스협상 (권성우교수) H301 -> LP 207로 변경 * 수업일 변경 : 토요일 KMB 792 경영과문화의이해2 (윤성수교수) 10월18일(9:00-12:00)                         -> 10월25일(13:30-16:30)  (후반8주->후반7주)  * 경영과문화의이해      - 경영과문화의이해(KMB518) 기 수강자는,        동일 교과목인 [1학기 KMB791 경영과문화의이해 I ]는 수강불가 /    [2학기 KMB792 경영과문화의이해 II ]는 수강 가능 * Field Trip 대기신청      - 인      원 : 70명 수강인원 중 13학번과 그 이전 학번은 5명까지 수강가능함.      - 예상장소 : 베트남 호치민 또는 홍콩+심천      - 예상금액 : 약120만원내외 (장소 및 금액은 추후 변동될 수 있음)      - 사전모임 : 9월 6일(토) 10:00~11:00 (LP433호)                         이후 수업일자 (토요일 오전 예정)는 추후공지      - 수강포기 : 정규과목과 동일한 방식으로 정정기간 내에 Drop 처리                         정정기간은 9월 1일(월) 9시 ~ 9월 5일(금) 24시                           그 이후부터 취소를 원하는 경우는 예외없이 성적 F처리 됨.      - Deposit :  9/11(목)부터 9/17(수)까지 Deposit 30만원을 입금해야 함.                        (입금계좌번호 추후공지, Deposit은 추후 취소시 환불하지 않음)      - 수강제한 : 과거 학기에 수강을 취소한 경우는 수강신청 우선권 제한이 있음.      - 대기신청 : 대기자 신청기간은 9월 11일(목) 10시~12일(금) 17시 이며,                         이메일 (담당 김현정 , ) 으로만 신청을 받음.      - 선정방법 : Bidding 탈락자도 반드시 이메일 신청하여야 하며,                         기간안에 신청한 자 중 1순위 Bidding 점수순, 2순위 선착순으로 정함.      - 참고사항 : 대기자신청은 Field Trip만 해당하며, 타과목은 대기신청을 받지않음. 수업시간표는 추후 약간의 변경이 생길 수 있습니다. ■ 수강 관련 문의(수강신청 및 수업시간표): 학사지원부 ☎ 02-3290-1360
Aug 21, 2014
Korea MBA
# 1920
ATTN 2nd Semester, 2014 Korea MBA Tuition Payment & Course Registration Bidding Guides
Please check the guides for the 2nd Semester, 2014 Korea MBA Tuition Payment & Course Registration Bidding. Refer to the following schedule, and the attached documents. ------------------------------------------------------------------ <졸업요구조건 (아래 조건 모두 충족)> 총 45학점 이상 이수 기초공통(구 필수이수) 4과목 모두 이수- 재무회계, 기업경제, 조직행동론, 경영통계 전공필수(구 선택이수) 4과목 이상 이수- 국제경영, 마케팅관리, OM원론, 경영전략, 재무관리, MIS개론(경영정보시스템)  영강 12학점 이상 이수 최종 평균평점 3.0 이상 ------------------------------------------------------------------ <수강신청 일정> 1차 Bidding  :  8월 19일(화) 9시 - 8월 21일(목) 24시 2차 Bidding  :  8월 25일(월) 9시 - 8월 26일(화) 24시 일반수강신청 :  8월 28일(목) 9시 - 8월 29일(금) 24시 개강 및 정정 :  9월 1일  (월) 9시 - 9월 5일(금) 24시 ------------------------------------------------------------------ <학적변동 신청> 휴복학 신청  :  8월 20일(수) 9시 - 9월22일(월) 17시 심화전공신청 : 9월 11일(목) 부터 (8월 말 공지사항 확인) ------------------------------------------------------------------ <등록금 납부 일정> 고지서 출력  :  8월 14일(목) 10시 - 8월27일(수) 등록금 납부  :  8월 20일(수) 9시 - 8월27일(수) 16시 분할납부신청 : 8월 25일(월) 9시 - 8월29일(금) 17시 초과학기신청 : 9월 4일 (목) 10시 - 9월 5일(금) 17시 ------------------------------------------------------------------ <첨부> ► 첨부 가. 2014학년도 2학기 Korea MBA 등록 및 수강신청 안내 ► 첨부 나. 2014-2 KMBA 시간표_20140814 ► 첨부 다. Bidding 시스템 사용자 지침서(공지용) ► 첨부 라. 2014학년도 2학기 등록안내 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 첨부사항을 확인하신 후 궁금하신 점은 언제든 메일 또는 전화(02-3290-1360) 로 연락주시면 정성껏 답변 드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.  
Aug 20, 2014
Korea MBA
# 1916
2nd Semester, 2014 KUBS MBA Course Registration for Alumni Renaissance Program
KUBS MBA is providing the 'MBA Alumni Renaissance Program' to maintain the competitiveness of MBA Alumni in the rapidly changing global business environments. Any alumni of KUBS MBA is able to apply for the major selection courses, and the certificate of course completion can be issued according to the attendance rate and the task participation. We would like to welcome the participation of the alumni.                                                   < 다   음 >    1.     수강신청 •       수강과목: Korea MBA 전공선택 과목 (2014학년도 2학기 르네상스 프로그램 시간표 첨부) •       수강신청기간: 2014. 8. 20(수) 10:00 ~ 8.22(금) 16:30   •       신청방법: [수강신청 바로가기] 링크에 접속 (8. 20(수) 10:00 오픈 예정) •       수강인원: 과목당 선착순 5명           (신청자가 5명 이상일 경우, 6명~10명까지 대기자로 등록되고, 먼저 신청한 5명 중 취소자가 생길 시 차례로 등록. 등록대상자는 추후 연락)            ※  <기업전략과 M&A>과목의 경우 교과목 특성상 팀으로 진행해야 하므로 4명 이내 수강이 가능합니다. •     강의계획서 확인  (로그인 하지 않고 확인 가능) → 오른쪽 하단 메뉴 중 수강신청 → 대학원 수강신청 → 대학원 전공과목 →           년도/학기: 2014학년도/2학기, 학과선택: 경영전문대학원/Korea MBA 선택 후 조회 → 학수번호 클릭 시 강의계획서 확인 가능.   2.     등록 •       등록기간: 2014. 8. 20(수) 10:00 ~ 8. 25(월) 17:00            ※ 등록기간 내 등록하지 않을 경우 수강이 취소됩니다. •       등록금액: 과목당 300,000원(3학점),  150,000원(1.5 학점) •       등록방법: 하나은행 391-810003-58004으로 납부 •       등록금액은 발전기금으로 처리되므로 추후 기부서 양식 작성 예정 (9월 중순 개별연락) 3.     학사운영 •       수강일정: 2014. 9. 1(월) ~ 12. 19(금) •       수강 증명서 발급 < 수강 증명서 발급 조건> ** 아래 조건 모두 충족 시 해당 과목 B학점 이상 이수자에게 수강증명서 발급 (신청자에 한함) ** 아래 조건 미충족시 해당 과목 Fail 처리 및 수강 증명서 미 발급 (1) 출석률 80% 이상 (2) Team Project 및 중간/기말 고사 참여 •       출석률 80% 미만 시 향후 수강 제한 예정     첨부: 2014-2 르네상스 프로그램 시간표 ■ 르네상스 프로그램 관련 문의: 학사지원부 ☎ 02-3290-2709, 1360  
Aug 18, 2014
# 1909
KU MBA Program Wins Largest Gov’t Grant
                   KU MBA Program Wins Largest Gov’t Grant   Korea University Business School (KUBS) won a yearly W1.3 billion (US$1.3 million) government subsidy for the next seven years for the school’s MBA programs, according to a recently unveiled government subsidy program, named Brain Korea (BK21). The fund will go to foreign faculty recruitment, curriculum development, development of texts and cases, and academic programs.   A total of 14 Korean business schools had vied for the subsidy, but only four ended up earning the grant. The four include KUBS and three other business schools of Seoul National, Yonsei and Sungkyunkwan.   Sources said that KUBS, the best and first business school in Korea, passed the government selection processes on the highest score, earning the largest batch of the subsidy.   The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) announced on April 26 that it has selected 568 research teams from 74 universities to share a 2.3 trillion-won ($2.2 billion) subsidy program aimed at encouraging research at the county`s universities, according to the broader BK21 Project.   The government introduced the project in 1999 to boost the international competitiveness of Korean universities.   By 2012, the government aims to cultivate 18,500 first-rate researchers in science and technology fields, and 2,500 in humanities and social studies, according to a statement released by the Education Ministry.   Under the subsidy program, the selected research teams will be allocated 290 billion won ($280 million) a year over the next seven years. Annually, 174 billion won ($173 million) will go to science and technology research and the remaining 116 billion won ($115 million) will go to humanities and social studies, MBA courses and medical and dental research.   With regard to science and technology, 157 research teams from 35 universities will benefit from the program that grants each masters candidate 500,000 won ($490) a month, and a doctorate candidate 900,000 won ($890) every month. Sixty-one humanities and social research teams from 20 universities, and 21 teams involved in medical and dental studies will also be beneficiaries of the fund.   Among the universities, Seoul National University topped the list in the number of selected research programs with 44, followed by Yonsei University with 33, and Korea University with 28.   The selection was made by a government panel through a multi-stage evaluation process, according to officials at the Education Ministry. The panel was comprised of experts who won recommendations from major academic institutions in various sectors, they said.   The Education Ministry will finalize contracts in May with the universities concerned for granting the fund and make on-the-spot inspections from June to August to check how they have implemented the subsidy. Research teams that fail to meet their targets could face a reduction in funding.  
Jul 03, 2006
# 2335