S3 Asia MBA is a one and a half year program during which students spend 
each semester at 3 universities in 3 different countries in Asia :
Shanghai(Fudan University), Seoul(Korea University), Singapore(National University of Singapore) 
Candidates graduate with 2 degrees, one from KUBS and the other
from either Fudan University or NUS.

What is the S3 University Alliance?
The history of the tri-university colloquium between Fudan University (Fudan), Korea University (KU) and National University of Singapore (NUS) began in 2005. After establishing a common vision for the global economy, Fudan, KU and NUS founded the S3 University Alliance (S3 UA). Defined by the cities anchoring the universities, Shanghai, Seoul, and Singapore, the S3 UA is the outcome of the Seoul Declaration for Collaboration sealed at the Tri-University Colloquium in Seoul, Korea on 19 May 2006. The alliance is a milestone in the development of closer collaboration between the three universities, and charts a significant step in the progress of academic expertise in Asian business. Research and education programs initiated under the S3 UA are globally-oriented, with a significant focus on Asia. As a globally-oriented association targeted at developing research and education programs based in the 3 cities and the 3 universities, the S3 UA aims to:

I. Tap on the strengths of the 3 cities and the 3 universities
II. Monitor education trends and developments in Asia that will impact the S3 UA and its programs
III. Achieve international recognition for the S3 UA and its programs.

The S3 Asia MBA is a definitive milestone in global MBA education, and serves as a concrete and ambitious project that the S3 UA is aimed at achieving

Features of S3 Asia MBA
The three best business schools in Asia and a globally-renowned faculty

•Jointly operated by Korea University, Fudan University, and the National University of Singapore, the program offers an intensive education in the Asian economy and business administration from 340 world-renowned professors at these schools.
•Qualified candidates will be granted double degrees consisting of their home degree plus one of two host degrees based on their preference.

An MBA program helping students become Asia specialists

By studying in three major Asian cities, students can learn the distinctive business practices, languages, and cultures of these areas as well as issues facing Asian businesses, thereby developing into Asia specialists.

Alumni connections in every field across the world

•As entrants of Korea University, Fudan University and National University of Singapore study together, they can create values through a strong bond among students with various nationalities and career.
•This is a truly international MBA course with an alumni network that encompasses three Asian universities.