"Korea University leads the future of business education and research in Korea” 
  • The first MS/PhD program accredited both by AACSB & EQUIS in Korea. 
  • Ranked #1 in Korea and #95 in the world for top academic journal publications by the faculty.
  • Largest full-time faculty in Korea 
  • State-of-the-art academic facilities known as the best in Korea, including LG-POSCO Business Hall, Hyundai Motors Business Hall, Business Main Hall. 

The Department of Business Administration offers PhD, MS, MS/PhD integrated programs with Management/ Marketing/ MIS(Management Information Systems)/ LSOM(Logistics, Service and Operations Management)/ Finance/ Accounting majors. 

The PhD program aims to contribute to the advancement of the field of management by producing academic researchers armed with state-of-the-art knowledge in their major areas, excellent research capability, and superb communication skill. 

As a preparation for the PhD program, the MS program provides students with basic theories and methods for academic research. 

The MS/PhD integrated program has the same goal as that of the PhD program but allows students to obtain the Ph.D. degree at an accelerated pace.