Course List for Fall 2018
  Major Course
Course Name Professor Day/Room Time Etc
Basic course Basic course BUS529 3 Academic Writing in English for Graduate Students. Gil Michael Ian
Fri(1-2) L-P 210 09:00-12:00 Eng
  Basic course BUS530 3 Advanced Academic Writing in English for Graduate Students. Peter L. Sinclair Fri(1-2) L-P 205 09:00-12:00 Eng
  Basic course BUS531 3 Statistics for Business and Economics Siyun Park Tue(1-3) L-P 210 09:30-12:30  
  Basic course BUS532 3 Advanced Statistics for Business and Economics Siyun Park Thu(1-3) L-P 210 09:30-12:30  
Management Major BUS603 3 Human Resource Management(English) Kim, Kwanghyun Tue(4-5) L-P 429 12:30-15:30 Eng
  Major BUS605 3 ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY(English) Young-Kyu Kim Tue(6-8) L-P 108 15:30-18:15 Eng
  Major BUS791 3 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR SEMINAR II(English) Lee, Dongseop Wed(5-6) L-P 301 14:00-16:45 Eng
  Major BUS799 3 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SEMINAR II KIM, EONSOO Tue(3-5) HM 302 12:00-14:45  
  Major BUS794 3 EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS SEMINAR I Kim Dong-One Thu(5-6) L-P 301 14:00-16:45 Eng
  Major BUS766 3 ADVANCED RESEARCH METHOD IN MANAGEMENT(English) Joon Mahn Lee Thu(1-3) L-P 428 10:00-12:45 Eng
Marketing Major BUS728 3 SPECIAL TOPICS IN MARKETING II(English) Janghyuk Lee Fri(1-2) L-P 207 09:00-11:45 Eng
  Major BUS826 3 SEMINAR IN MARKETING II Park Jongwon Wed(6-8) L-P 428 15:30-18:15  
  Major BUS876 3 DOCTORAL SEMINAR IN MANAGERIAL MARKETING I(English) Lee, Jong-Ho Thu(5-6) L-P 428 14:00-16:45 Eng
  Major BUS879 3 DOCTORAL SEMINAR IN BEHAVIORAL MARKETING III(English) Song-Oh Yoon Tue(6-8) L-P 210 15;30-18:15 Eng
Finance Basic course BUS831 3 FINANCIAL THEORY I(English) SOHN, BUMJEAN Mon(6) HM B202
Wed(6) HM B202
15:30-16:45 Eng
  Major BUS736 3 SEMINAR IN FINANCE II(English) Baeho Kim Fri(2-4) L-P 216 09:00-12:00 Eng
  Major BUS837 3 SEMINAR IN FINANCIAL MARKETS II(English) Chung, Ji-Woong Thu(1-2) L-P 205 09:00-12:00 Eng
  Major BUS863 3 CORPORATE FINANCE I(English) James L. Park Thu(5-6) L-P 425 14:00-17:00 Eng
  Major BUS637 3 RISK MANAGEMENT(English) Kim, Changki Tue(6-8) L-P 428 15:30-18:30 Eng
Accounting Major BUS653 3 ADVANCED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING(English) Han Soongsoo Sam Wed(1-2) L-P 301 09:00-12:00 Eng
  Major BUS741 3 INFORMATION ECONOMICS Yoo, Seung-Weon Mon(3-5) L-P 301 12:30-15:15  
  Major BUS744 3 SEMINAR IN FANANCIAL ACCOUNTING II Choi, Wooseok Tue(5-6) L-P 301 14:00-17:00  
  Major BUS842 3 SPECIAL TOPIC IN ACCOUNTING II(English) Jinhan Pae Tue(1-2) L-P 429 09:00-11:45 Eng
  Major BUS790 3 SEMINAR IN TAX ACCOUNTING1(English) Yoon, Sung Soo Thu(1-2) L-P 301 09:00-12:00 Eng
MIS Basic course BUS520 3 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS(English) Anat Zeelim-Hovav Thu(1-3) L-P 425 10:00-13:00 Eng
  Major BUS673 3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGY AND DEVELOPMENT SUH, Yongmoo Wed(5-6) L-P 425 14:00-17:00  
  Major BUS767 3 READINGS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS(English) Jae Nam Lee Thu(5-6) L-P 302 14:00-16:45 Eng
  Major BUS890 3 SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE DIGITAL ECONOMY(English) Koh, Byungwan Mon(6-8) L-P 428 15:30-18:30 Eng
LSOM Major BUS609 3 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT(English) Hojung Shin Wed(6-8)HM B201 15:30-18:15 Eng
Mon(4-7) L-P 302
Tue(4-7) L-P 302
Wed(4-7) L-P 302
Thu(4-7) L-P 429
Fri(4-7) L-P 302
August : 9.3-14
2weeks (Total 32hours)
PARK, Kyung Sam
(Total 16hours)
  Major BUS819 3 SPECIAL TOPICS IN OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT I(English) Kim, Kihoon Tue(1-3) L-P 301 10:00-13:00 Eng
  Major BUS855 3 TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT(English) Kim, Byung Cho Tue(6-8) HM B202 15:30-16:15 Eng

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