Scholarships for Foreign Students

Scholarships for All Students
Scholarships Categories Amount Selection Note
Assistant Administration Full tuition+Living expense(PhD, MS/PhD Intergrated only) College  
Research Department
Anam Linker & Top Honor Graduates Anam Linker (Tuition +entrance fee) 100%+Living expense (KRW 100,000/month) Anam Undergraduate Scholarship Student Medical school excluded
Top Honor Graduates (Tuition +entrance fee) 100% Top Honor Graduates from KU undergraduate program
General   KRW 1.25m/semester   Enrolled for two semester or more (Freshmen excluded)
Korea University Graduate School Special Scholarship   (Tuition +entrance fee) 100%+Living expense (KRW 1.5m/month) Application→ three rounds of screening → Selection by the Graduate School Dean  
Work-study   KRW 4,500/hour   Students working on campus
BK21 master’s KRW 600,000 or more/month Participants in BK21-designated departments  
PhD KRW 1,000,000 or more/month
Seoul City Humanities KRW 2.5m/semester   PhD program
Science KRW 3m/semester
National Research Scholarship Humanities/Social Science KRW 4m/semester Scholarship foundation Vary depending on types
Natural Science/Engineering KRW 6m/semester
Other extramural scholarships   Vary depending on scholarships Scholarship foundation