‘2019 Korea MBA Family Day’
Aug 26, 2019
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‘2019 Korea MBA Family Day’

2019 Korea MBA Family Day was held at LG-POSCO SUPEXHALL, leaded by the opening remark from Dean Jaewook Kim, mentioning “I personally do have a lot of good memories in K-MBA, since I had been in charge of it as a program supervisor. I appreciate all of the K-MBA members for actively participating in not only the academic studies but also developing solid network between the members. KUBS will be sure to put its full effort to make further advance in the program”.

The K-MBA Family Day itinerary was formed by the various events dedicated to the entertainments of K-MBA families. Family activities held in KUBS lecture rooms: Movie session, Calligraphy class, Flower arrangement lesson, Candle-making course etc., have injected more entertainments to the event. Following the tour guided by KUBE (KUBS student ambassadors), the event was successfully ended with the group photo time at the KUBS square located in front of the main building.