2019 Spring Campus Tour and Mentoring Day for High School Students
May 20, 2019
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2019 Spring Campus Tour and Mentoring Day for High School Students
A one-day experience as a KUBS student

The ‘2019 Spring Campus Tour and Mentoring Day for High School Students’ by Korea University Business School (Dean = Jae Wook Kim), was held on May 11th (Tuesday) at the KUBS campus. The event, organized by KUBS Public Relations Office and KUBE, KUBS student ambassadors, was attended by 110 high school students who were selected through fierce competition. The event attracted the largest number of applicants since the campus tour was first launched, showing teenagers' keen interest in KUBS.

The regular campus tour is designed to provide high school students who are interested in business administration with practical experience to improve their understanding of KUBS. The campus tour consisted of △ Introduction of KUBS △ Introduction of 7 majors in KUBS △ Tour around Liberal Arts Campus △ Mentoring program with KUBS students. "I've prepared hard for today's event, so I hope you enjoy it as much as you want," said Yeonchan Jeong, a member of KUBE, in his opening speech.

Students at the event listened to lectures on the introduction of KUBS and seven majors offered in KUBS. After the lecture, the students followed KUBE's guidance to tour around Liberal Arts Campus. Then they had time to freely ask their questions through a small-group mentoring program.

KUBS holds campus tour every semester for high school students who wish to attend KUBS. The event will help young students set career paths, make study plans and will provide them with an opportunity to experience college life. In addition to the regular campus tour, Mentoring Day for high school students during summer/winter vacation is also scheduled, with all events fully free of charge.