World-famous Roboticist Dennis Hong Speaks at “KUBS Futurum Lecture Series”
May 10, 2017
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World-famous Roboticist Dennis Hong Speaks at “KUBS Futurum Lecture Series”
Korea University Business School (KUBS) launches “KUBS Futurum” which is an annual forum on the future. The first guest speaker of the Lecture Series is robot scientist Dennis Hong, a professor at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The special lecture will be held on May 22 (Mon), and the title of his lecture is “How Will Robots Change the Future?” The session is open to KUBS students. Any inquiries can be directed to the Futurum Office at 02-3290-1306.
Dr. Hong is prominent in the field of robotics for building a vehicle for blind drivers. He is also known as the Leonardo da Vinci of robots. Dr. Hong built his first humanoid soccer player called “DARwIn” and “BALLU,” a balloon-bodied robot filled with helium.
“Futurum,” which also means future in Latin, is a compound word made up of “Future” and “Forum.” The forum consists of a total of four sessions as follows: △Lecture Series, △Asia Trilateral Seminar, △Roundtable, and △Business and Economic Outlook. The KUBS Futurum aims to discover and ponder the future issues that Korean society and economy will confront as well as offering insights. Under the slogan “KU-the Future,” signifying that KU will open, lead, and make the future, Korea University has been exerting its utmost efforts to nurture talents for the future society.

Every May, the Lecture Series brings in world-renowned figures to share their insights. The session is intended to keep up with the latest trends on changes in the future society and to discuss about the outcomes of those changes. The Asia Trilateral Seminar will be held every August in conjunction with Peking University in China and Hitotsubashi University in Japan. The purpose of the session is to share plans prepared for the fourth industrial revolution with China and Japan which are deeply tied to Korea economically. The seminar, titled “Strategies for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Companies Entering Period of Low Growth," includes a debate on the changes in the future society, and strategies and policies to lead the future.  
The Roundtable, held on the day before Ko-Yon Games (an annual student-led sporting event), is an annual discussion with invited alumni. The themes of the session are the past, present, and future. KUBS alumni will gather around to look back on the past, understand the present, and seek solutions to actively cope with a complicated future. In December, KUBS and the Department of Economics will jointly run the “Business and Economic Outlook.” Although a number of institutes in Korea and abroad release the microeconomic outlook, there is no single institute that provides specific outlook by industry. KUBS and the Department of Economics plan to publish a prospect report, covering quantitative outlook by sales, revenues, and investments of each industry. Reports will be released at an open seminar held in every early December and distributed online for free. 

“The KUBS Futurum will provide the opportunity to examine the fourth industrial revolution, which still brings uncertainty for the future, and to find directions for humanity to steer,” KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon said. “I hope you can learn how companies facing Intelligence Society will transform and how the Korean economy can survive in this rapidly changing environment. In addition, this forum allows intellectuals to assemble and think about what entrepreneurship is.”