Behind KUBS’ successful results in the CPA and the National Exam for Higher Civil Service
lie Jeongjincho and Takmajeong.
Jeongjincho and Takmajeong

Jeongjincho, KU’s CPA-prep class, helped KU produce the largest number of successful applicants in the 2013 CPA exam of any domestic university.

Takmajeong, KU’s prep class for the National Exam for Higher Civil Service

These classes provides students with the infrastructure and full-scale administrative support required to help them better concentrate on their study, while encouraging them to meet successful alumni, including those working at the top four domestic accounting firms.

KU produced the largest number of students who passed the 2013 CPA exam of any domestic university.
Korea University produced the greatest number of successful students in the 48th CPA exam in 2013. According to the Financial Supervisory Service, out of the 904 successful candidates, 108 (11.9%) were from Korea University, the highest figure for a domestic university. This year, Korea University reconfirmed its top status in CPA exams as it ranked first in the number of CPA applicants who passed the first and second rounds.

Behind such success lies Jeongjincho, KUBS’s CPA-prep class. As a nursery for successful CPA applicants at Korea University, Jeongjincho is a combination of the Korean words jeongjin, meaning moving forward, and cho, meaning taking roots. In 2014, of the 108 successful CPA applicants from Korea University, 71 (66%) studied in Jeongjincho.

 “Jeongjincho is making every effort to provide the infrastructure and administrative support required to help students better concentrate on their study,” said Professor Choi Woo-seok, an academic advisor for Jeongjincho. He added, “We try to motivate students by having them meet with successful alumni, including those who are working at the top 4 domestic accounting firms, and support students to build professional networks.”

A CPA is a professional who deals with accounting, audits, taxes and management consulting. The Financial Supervisory Service has conducted the CPA examination every year since 1967, generating professional accountants. The CPA exams have received increasing attention from students as the significance of and demands on CPAs have risen year after year. Jeongjincho recruits not only commerce majors but any registered KU student and graduate. For more information, visit KU’s portal site (

Takmajeong is a prep class for the National Exam for Higher Civil Service. Takmajeong is a combination of the Korean words jeolchatakma, which means cutting and polishing, and jeong, which was a training group during the Silla Dynasty (57 B.C. to 935 A.D.). A great number of successful KU applicants to the National Exam for Higher Civil Service have come from Takmajeong. Although it recruits members on a rolling basis throughout the year, the total number of Takmajeong members has been cut substantially. Anyone who wants to join Takmajeong should take a mock test and a descriptive test. Takmajeong then chooses students based on their grades. At the year’s end, Takmajeong holds an official event where alumni visit current Takmajeong members to encourage them in their studies.

KUBS conducted a building renovation in 2007 to provide a better environment for the members of Jeongjincho and Takmajeong. Sound-proof facilities, air-conditioning, heating systems, and ventilators were installed and furniture and exterior walls were replaced with the latest models. In addition to this environmental support, Takmajeong also helps by designating academic advisors to the students.  
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