Students who have acquired at least 17 credits (12 credits for seniors) in the previous semester are eligible. (Internal scholarships are endowed only to students who have applied for national scholarships.)
Reception of more than one scholarship

Students who receive two different scholarships exceeding the tuition fee must choose one and return the others to KU.
Selection of beneficiaries
•    Scholarships that automatically select beneficiaries without application
o    KUBS Alumni Special Scholarship for New Entrants

•    Scholarships selecting beneficiaries via application
o    KUBS scholarships for students from underprivileged families
o    KUBS scholarships for new entrants from underprivileged families
o    KUBS Dream Scholarship
o    External scholarships
※ As the scholarships are only awarded to students on the deliberation list, those who wish to receive these scholarships should apply for them. Beneficiaries are selected from the students who have submitted the required documents to the Academic Affairs Department of KUBS.
The information contained within all applications should be true and correct. If an application contains misleading or false information, the guilty party will forfeit their scholarship as well as their eligibility for other scholarships until graduation.