Globalization Scholarships

To promote global projects, KUBS offers Airfare Scholarships for exchange students to overseas schools and Global Business Practice Scholarships for students on international internship programs.

A. Those on a KUBS student exchange program (SEP) dispatched to overseas universities
B. Participants in global internship programs

How to apply
As a separate application is needed, contact the Global Office of KUBS when selected for an SEP.

Amounts and Benefit Period


Airfare Scholarship for
exchange students

Round-trip airfare
(Level A – 100%, up to KRW 2 million; Level B – 70%, up to KRW 1.5 million, Level C – 50%, up to KRW 1 million)

Beneficiaries are selected based on their family situation.
Some beneficiaries of the Special Scholarship for New Entrants are paid at Level A if they are eligible.

  (For those who consider themselves eligible, please contact the Global Office of KUBS.)
Global Internship Scholarships Round-trip airfare (50-100%, the amount is varied with the region)
Transit costs are not covered.
Beneficiaries are selected based on their family situation.

Payment period

Exchange students are selected and paid when they enroll in a foreign school and change their student register. Global Internship Program students are awarded only once.