• International Business
    International Business
    This area of business administration concerns itself with domestic industries' branching out to foreign markets and the management of multinational corporations. The scope of international business is quite vast, since it attempts to comprehensively approach a variety of categories of business administration -- Management, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting, and more -- through the international spectrum. The international business practices of multinational companies can be largely divided into two divergent paths. In terms of external relations, this includes exporting products, exporting technology and plants, and foreign production, while domestically, importing products, introducing technology and pursuing joint business projects with foreign companies are widely prevalent issues that require close attention. Among this host of options, knowing which ones to choose and how to coordinate those chosen maneuvers in conducting one's business is the key to molding a solid international management strategy.
    Major Required Courses: International Business
    Major Elective Courses: World Economy and Business, Business Economics, Korean Business and Management in the Asian Context, Regional Studies (Japan, China), Korean Business and Management in the Global Context,  MNEs and Nonmarket Strategy, China Business and Management in the Global Context, International Trade Theory, International Production, Purchasing and R&D Management, Cross-cultural Management, International Marketing Management, International Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Comparative Studies of Asian Management Systems, International Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliance