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    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
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ATTN [Undergraduate] Fall 2018 Registration for First Year Compulsory Courses
[Undergraduate] Fall 2018 Registration for First Year Compulsory Courses   Earlier in the freshmen orientation, we gave you the instruction that the compulsory general education courses will be automatically registered for Fall 2018. However, the guidelines have been amended that students are now allowed to specify their preferred courses prior to the course registration period.   Please note that due to few technical issues, the automatic course registration has been ceased from Fall 2018.   You may register for the following compulsory courses based on your preference: Principles of Accounting, Business Statistics, Principles of Economics II. (Note that the course registration for Principles of Economics II is open for students from ECON203-04,05,06,07,08,09 classes only.)   Fall 2018 Compulsory Courses: Principles of Accounting, Business Statistics, Principles of Economics II, Liberty Justice Truth II, Writing, Academic English II, Freshmen Seminar II, Computational Thinking   Writing: course registration is only allowed for students with Business Administration classes for the Writing course. Freshmen Seminar II : Students commenced their degree in Spring 2018 may register for the Business Administration classes. Students commenced their degree in Fall 2018 may automatically be registered.   Computational Thinking: Students commenced their degree either in Spring or Fall 2018 may automatically be registered.   [Additional Notes] 1. Please contact the Institute for General Education for inquiries on Writing course (3290-1593, Min-Jeong Seok). Please contact the Foreign Language Center for inquiries on Academic English course (3290-1453, Tae-ho Oh) 2. If you were accepted via international student admission process, please make the registration for “Thinking and Writing” instead of “Writing”. 3. It is highly recommended that students take the first year compulsory courses during the first year of their degree, not inclusive of Fall semester, 2018. 4. Students may be allowed to take the second year courses without a completion of first-year compulsory courses.   [Inquiries] Email: pij0612@korea.ac.kr Office: 02-3290-2703    
Jun 08, 2018
# 4401
! [Undergraduate] Course Registration for Fall Semester (Semester Commences on Sep.3)
COURSE REGISTRATION for Fall SEMESTER, 2018 (class starts: 09.03) ★★ Course Registration System URL : http://sugang.korea.ac.kr★★   <Course Registration (returning students and domestic exchange students included)> - Course information will be available from July 3th (Tue), 2018. 10:00 A.M.   <Preferred course(s) Listing> Student Type Period ALL 7. 31(Tue) 10 : 00 - 8. 3(Fri) 12 : 00 1. Please list your preferred courses (you can list your preferred courses within your full course load), due to a change in policies (No interested-courses listing). 2. Your preferred course(s) will be automatically registered when the course does not meet maximum class enrollment. If a course is oversubscribed, you should register for the course during the course registration period. 3. The result of preferred courses listing will be available from 18:00 August 16st (Thu), 2018.   <Course Registration for all current students> Year Period Senior 8. 17(Fri) 10 : 00 - 8. 18(Sat) 09 : 00 Junior 8. 20(Mon) 10 : 00 - 8. 21(Tue) 09 : 00 Sophomore 8. 21(Tue) 10 : 00 - 8. 22(Wed) 09 : 00 Freshmen 8. 22(Wed) 10 : 00 - 8. 23(Thu) 09 : 00   <Course Registration for newly admitted or transferring students in September> Student Type Period New and transferring students admitted for fall semester of 2018 only(The others except above-mentioned students CANNOT register/change) 8. 23(Thu) 14 : 00 - 8. 24(Fri) 16 : 00   <1st Round Course Cancellation Review> Canceled courses will be deleted from the students’ list of registered courses by August 29th (Wed), 2018 and students will be notified via the Notice of KU Portal.   <Add/Drop Courses> Year Period ALL 9. 5(Wed) 18 : 30 – 9. 7(Fri) 17 : 00 ※ Starting from 18:30 September 5th (Wed), 2018 regardless of year(senior/junior/....) or student type(regular/exchange), course registration is run by first-come-first-served basis within the maximum class enrollment including rooms for exchange students (Korean class: 5% of maximum class enrollment, English class: 15% of maximum class enrollment)   <2nd Round Course Cancellation Review> Canceled courses will be announced on September 11st of 2018 (Please make sure to check the Notice of KU Portal)   <Course Registration for Students Registered for Canceled Courses> Student Type Period Students registered for canceled courses (final) 9. 11(Tue] 18 : 30 - 9. 12(Wed) 09 : 00   ※ NOTE 1. All enrolled students are required to register for courses during the designated periods. 2. Students whose total GPA is higher than 3.75 or whose GPA from the previous semester is higher than 3.75 without any F grade and no course withdrawal are permitted to register for a maximum of 22(23) credits. 3. A student's year of course registration is determined by the total credit number he/she has earned until summer session, 2018.   CLASS TIMETABLE FOR REGULAR SEMESTER SEOUL 1st Period 9:00-10:15 2nd Period 10:30-11:45 3rd Period 12:00-12:50 4th Period 13:00-13:50 5th Period 14:00-15:15 6th Period 15:30-16:45 7th Period 17:00-17:50 8th Period 18:00-18:50 SEJONG 1st Period 9:00-09:50 2nd Period 10:00-10:50 3rd Period 11:00-11:50 4th Period 12:00-12:50 5th Period 13:00-13:50 6th Period 14:00-14:50 7th Period 15:00-15:50 8th Period 16:00-16:50 9th Period 17:00-17:50 10th Period 18:00-18:50             
May 31, 2018
# 4385
! [Undergraduate] Opening of Summer Session 2018
2018 Summer Session   1. Summer Session Period: June 22 (Fri) – July 19 (Thu) (Normally classes will be held 4 days a week. However, some courses from the Institute of Foreign Language Studies may be held 5 days a week. Please refer to your course schedule.) 2. Tuition Fee: 1 credit : 107,900KRW / 2 credits : 215,800KRW / 3credits : 323,700KRW 3. Registration Schedule (Release of the course list: on May 15 (Mon), http://sugang.korea.ac.kr)   Schedule Due Note Course Registration (Add/Drop Period) May 25 (Fri) 10:00am – 29 (Tue) 17:00pm   Tuition Payment May 31 (Thu) 9:00am - June 4 (Mon) 23:00pm Online payment through student’s Hana bank virtual account Course Cancellation and Tuition Refund June 11 (Mon) Refund will be processed on 14th (approx.) Course Registration to cover for cancelled courses June 14 (Thu) 9:00am - 16:30pm Applicable for students whose courses are cancelled. Tuition Payment for courses registered on 14th June 15 (Fri) 9:00am - 23:00pm Applicable for students whose courses are cancelled. Course Withdrawal after the completion of payment June 20 (Wed) 10:00am - July 5 (Thu) 23:00pm (NOT available during June 29 - July 2) KUPID–Courses–Course Registration–Summer Session Course Withdrawal   4. Course Registration A. Eligibility: KU undergraduate students, including students on leave of absence and students taking domestic credit exchange program B. Course Registration: available via ( http://sugang.korea.ac.kr ) C. Log-in Details: 1) KU students: log in with your student ID and password 2) Domestic Credit Exchange Students: use your temporary KU ID and Password (last 7 digits of your Resident Registration no.) D. Award of Credit Hours 1) 『Regulations of the Academic Affairs』, the first clause of Article 49: candidates may be awarded up to 6 credit hours during summer/winter sessions. (including international summer/winter sessions) 2) Credits awarded on the summer/winter sessions will be indicated separately on your transcript. The credits will count towards your GPA. 3) Students who were on leave of absence are NOT allowed to graduate straight after the completion of summer/winter sessions, even though the graduation requirement has been satisfied. 4) Note - Summer/winter session is offered to students who wish to complete extra credits in the periods between regular semesters. - Please note that summer/winter session is held on an intensive basis due to its short length of period. Students are NOT allowed to withdraw from the courses on personal grounds. Course add/drops will be restricted unless the application is made within the specified period. - Candidates may take up to 12 credit hours of internship courses including summer/winter sessions (sport electives up to 3 credits). - If a student fails to meet the payment deadline, his/her registration details will be automatically deleted on the system. In consequence, the registered course may be cancelled. Please make sure to complete the registration and make a payment for your preferred course before the deadline. No change or cancellation is allowed after the deadline. - Students are allowed to repeat the course only once - it is applicable only for courses at Sejong Campus commenced from Fall 2016. E. If a course has pre-requisites, they must be completed prior to the course registration. i.e., You may not register for a course in summer session, 2018 if you are taking its pre-requisite course in Spring 2018, since you do not have the course’s finalized result. F. Students may not request to repeat a course in summer session prior to the release of its final grade.   5. Tuition Payment: Online payment through student’s Hana bank virtual account (to temporary accounts by courses) 6. Notification of Cancelled Courses: will be informed on June 11 (Mon) via KUPID 7. Course Withdrawal: If the withdrawal is requested within the indicated period below, the tuition fee will be (partially) refunded. (Withdrawal requests cannot be taken back.)     Application Period (10:00-23:00, Exclude Sundays) Amount of Refund 1st Round June 20 (Wed) – June 21 (Thu) Full amount 2nd Round June 22 (Fri) – June 28 (Thu) 2/3 of Tuition 3rd Round June 29 (Fri) – July 5 (Thu) 1/2 of Tuition ※ [ KUPID – Courses – Course Registration – Summer Session Course Withdrawal ] Refund will appear in your bank account specified in your enrollment details. Please double check if your registered bank account details are correct.   8. Summer Session Timetable (50 minutes lecture, 10 minutes break) Period Time Period Time 1 9:00 - 9:50 5 13:00 - 13:50 2 10:00 - 10:50 6 14:00 - 14:50 3 11:00 - 11:50 7 15:00 - 15:50 4 12:00 - 12:50 8 16:00 - 16:50   April 2018 Academic Affairs Department  
Apr 17, 2018
# 4305
! [Undergraduate] 2018 List of Cross-Listed Courses from Other Departments (Approved as Major Electives)
The Business School would like to inform you of cross-listed courses which count towards major electives.   *Note* No additional documentation is required for the credit approval of cross-listed courses. Please note that the cross-listed courses below will not automatically be classified as major electives from “Graduation Assessment” menu on the Portal. However, when the graduation requirements are assessed by the administrative staff, cross-listed courses will be counted as major electives. Restrictions may apply when registering for cross-listed courses. Please refer to the corresponding departments for further enquiries. If there is a change of course title or course number, cross-listed courses will still be acknowledged as major elective courses.   Credit approval of cross-listed courses is not allowed for credit exchanges between universities in South Korea. Courses that are not listed below are not permitted for cross-listing. As regards the cross-listed courses that have been revised due to the abolition of College of Law, those will count towards major elective courses upon graduate assessment. - List of Cross-listed Courses from Other Departments (2018) - Course No. Department Course Title Cross-Listing Note JURA204 Department of Law Corporations Law JURA158 Business LawⅠ JURA247 The Establishment, Operations and Law of Business - JURA158, JURA247: cross-listed courses of JURA204 - Courses that have already been completed are acknowledged as major elective courses   JURA251 Department of Law Administrative Law JURA305 Administrative LawⅠ JURA306 Administrative LawⅡ - JURA305 & JURA 306 combined as JURA251, ‘Administrative Law’ - Completed courses count as major elective courses JURA301   Department of Law Business Law JURA159 Business Law II JURA207 General Principles of Commercial Law and the Law of Commercial Transactions JURA303 Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes and Cheques - JURA159, JURA207, JURA303: cross-listed courses of JURA301 - Completed courses count as major elective courses       JURA332 Remedies in Administrative Law - Course Discontinued. No cross-listed course - Completed courses count as major elective courses PAPP151 College of Political Science & Economics Logical Inquiry of Public Administration PAPP150 Introduction to Public Administration - Course number revised - Completed courses count as major elective courses ECON333 Department of Economics Public Finance     ECON334 Department of Economics Theory of Taxation     ECON201 Department of Economics Microeconomics     ECON202 Department of Economics Macroeconomics     ECON335 Department of Economics International Finance     IFLS309 The Institute of Foreign Language Studies Business English IFLS161 Business English Lab - Revised: IFLS161 cross-listed study of IFLS309 - Completed courses count as major elective courses IFLS162 The Institute of Foreign Language Studies Business English Lab     EGRN320 Department of Engineering Understanding Technology for Executives    
Mar 15, 2018
# 4241