[Undergraduate] Guidelines of Appeal for Reinstatement (Re-Admission), Fall 2019
May 17, 2019
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Guidelines of Appeal for Reinstatement (Re-Admission after academic suspension), Fall 2019

「Korea University Constitution」, Section 15
「Korea University Regulations of the Academic Affairs」, Section 17~20

1. Application Period: June 4 (Tue) 10:00am - June 7 (Fri) 16:00pm (Exclusive of public holidays)
(Applicants are required to attend an interview: Contact relevant department or division for a detailed schedule.)

2. Eligibility
Candidates who completed at least one semester at the University, prior to the suspension
① Candidates who were on a leave of absence and failed to complete the re-enrolment by the deadline
② Candidates who failed to complete the enrolment during the designated enrolment period
③ Candidates placed under multiple academic probations and yet failed to demonstrate proof of academic progress.
④ Candidates who applied for permanent withdrawal from their degree

However, candidates placed under academic disqualification by 「Korea University Constitution」 are not allowed for reinstatement
3. Appeal for reinstatement is not accepted for discontinued major
① Appeal to be reinstated is not accepted at abolished departments.
② If a candidate’s previous major has been discontinued, the candidate may still appeal for reinstatement after the agreement on ‘Declaring a Change of Major’ on the attached reinstatement form.
4. Required Documents
① Appeal for Reinstatement (Re-Admission) (attached)
② Letter of Pledge (attached)
③ Statement of Purpose (attached)
④ A copy of Student Records
⑤ A copy of Academic Transcript
Please find attached for , ,
5. Document submission: at the relevant department/division office

6. Interview Schedule: June 11
st (Tue) - 12nd(Wed)
7. Outcome Announcement: July 19th (Fri) 2019, 14:00pm (tentative)

8. Course Registration for Shortlisted Applicants:
1) Deadline for Preferred Course Registration: August 1
st (Thu) 2019 10:00am - July 6th (Tue) 2019 12:00pm
2) Course Registration: July 16
th (Fri) 2019 10:00 ~ August 22nd  2019 (Fri) "Depending on each grade schedule"

9. Enrolment Period for Spring 2019: August 23rd (Fri) ~ 30th (Fri) 16:00 [Application NOT accepted beyond the deadline]
10. Notes:
① Reinstatement may be permitted only once; Only when the department/division has vacancies.
② Shortlisted applicants will be required to complete course registration and pay tuition fees by the deadline (including re-admission fee: half of the admission fee for the corresponding year). If the student fails to complete course registration and the fee payment, the appeal for reinstatement will be ceased.
③ Applicants appeal for reinstatement must comply with
「Korea University Constitution」 and sign the pledge for reinstatement.
④ Re-admitted candidates are not allowed to apply for a leave of absence in their first semester of the reinstatement.
⑤ Followed by the abolition of College of Law, appeals for re-admission are not accepted at College of Law (「Regulations of the Academic Affairs followed by the Abolition of College of Law」, Article 1, Article 5). Please refer to School of Law for further decisions.
2019. 05. 13.
Academic Administration Division