• Accounting
    Research area in accounting mainly consists of four areas; financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax, and auditing. Financial (managerial) accounting area addresses any economic or informational issue related with external (internal) users of accounting information, while tax area examines tax-related issues. Auditing area covers research topics related with the role of auditors to improve the reliability of financial statements. Nowadays, accounting researchers have explored the ways to enhance the relevance and reliability of accounting information to shed some lights to academia, capital market participants, auditors, practitioners, and financial authorities.

    Major Required Courses: Intermediate Accounting I
    Major Elective Courses: Intermediate Accounting II, Management Accounting, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, Tax Accounting, Theory of Accounting, Strategic Management
    Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Business Valuation, Auditing, Accounting for Financial Instruments and Institutions
Kwon, Soo Young
Accounting, Professor
Consolidation Accounting, Audit Pricing, Governmental Accounting
3290-1937, LP 613